Friday Group Ride #94

Perhaps a little something like this?

We’re getting into that season of gift giving. Every now and then our minds turn toward the things we’d like to add to our arsenal. And with the weather getting colder, we’re probably spending as much time thinking about bikes as actually being on them. ‘Tis a pity.

Ah, but to a cyclist, thinking about a bike may not be as good as riding a bike, but it’s clearly better than not thinking about a bike.

We obsess over our training, often our diets as well. We obsess over great riders, people we’ve never even met. So why shouldn’t we obsess about a bicycle, or any of its parts?

Equipment has been on my mind more than usual. I’ve got a bunch of equipment and bike reviews that got backed up for a host of reasons, stuff I meant to post as far back as August in some cases. But with holidays here, maybe running some of these can inspire a wife or husband to act and add something special to your quiver.

So the question is simple enough this week: If someone gave you one piece of cycling gear—a bike, a set of wheels, a pair of bibs, you name it—what would it be? To what have you been devoting your lusty thoughts?


  1. Paul Ainsworth

    I think I would have to ask Chanukah Harry for some Zipp 404 Firecrest clincher wheels. Absolutely lust-worthy, I think!

  2. randomactsofcycling

    I’ve watched a riding buddy of mine take his fitness and strength to another level this year with the addition of some power cranks. Whether he could have done so without them is a matter for debate but I am currently lusting after a set of my own SRMs….and Campy Electronic. I swore when Shimano released their Di2 that I wasn’t interested but the Campy stuff is just right on the money….now where is that lazy $10K I usually keep around here…..

  3. armybikerider

    Fantasy gift = Baum Corretto complete with Red components and Lightweight wheels. Unfortunately none of the people likely to give me gifts this year would want to (or could) spend the necessary cash to get that for me.

    Realistic gifts: subscription to Rouleur Magazine, Rouleur Annual #5, a copy of Le Metier or The Peloton, a DVD of Belleville Rendez-Vous, a tub of Mad Alchemy Madness

    Likely to get: a couple of pairs of PI socks, maybe a case of Powerbars or Cliff Bars, a few new tubes, maybe some Tiger Balm

  4. Souleur

    A new set of Dura ace hoops, C-24-CL, clinchers & tubeless. Because I have heard they are the real deal.

    although I would not be picky and would love tubies also
    or a rear carbon disk for my first TT set up

    and ditto to armybikerider
    I love the Risetto also, Baum is phenomenal. Attention to detail like few others.

  5. michael

    in the absolutely not going to happen category – Moots RSL Campy Record electronic equipped please and thanks.

    in the not quite realistic but outside possibility category- à wonderful 3 week trip to belgium to take in the classics and do the RVV and LBL sportives as well as take in the races. a gift from myself to myself for an eventfull, fruitfull, challenging yet ultimately oh so satisfying year that has seen major changes happen on a monthly basis 🙂

    in the entirely reasonable yet requiring some thoughtful gift giving category – a pair of Assos thermal knickers

    in the most likely to happen category – a gift certificate from the local shop or an e-retailer for bike related swag.

  6. Matt

    A set of HED or A23’s for the Ritchey Breakaway I’m hoping to build this winter, or some decent cranks for my CAAD9 would be sweet.

  7. Brad

    I’m looking HARD at American Classic’s available-in-January ~1200g tubeless wheel set. Yum! Oh, and a new Gore cable der and brake cable set in white as a stocking stuffer. Oh, and a RKP winter bib, size M when you order more because I just did my Saturday 60 mile ditty with them and Assos leg warmers and some cream of courage in 38 degree weather and all was very, very nice.

  8. Dan

    A motivated training partner, would be number one, in a perfect world they would be a little faster than I (for motivation) and ten years younger than me (so I don’t actually have to race them.

    Failing that some embrocation, for the winter rides ahead.

  9. Peter Lütken

    Dear cycling-Santa,
    Please bring me a 52 cm “BBQ” CAAD 9 w/Campy Chorus.
    If this is doable, then please bring me a Campy free hub body for my Zipp 303’s too.

    ..but most of all I want a bunch of free time to go riding!

  10. Chas

    I have always wanted a DeRosa King – full campy Super Record maybe with Italian National Team color scheme worked in there for good measure

  11. Clark

    Due to the infrequency I’d get to ride it, I’d have trouble justifying the purchase of a ‘cross bike. Nothing fancy, aluminum frame and cockpit, Rival or Force build, with some aluminum tubular hoops. Could go either way a set of Avidy Shorty brakes or discs (gift horses’ mouths and all).

    A head-to-toe Rapha kit would be pretty awesome as well (Pro Team bibs and black Italian jersey, Grand Tour gloves), or a pair of the new Fizik shoes or a Kurve Chameleon saddle (any chance of a long-term review to follow up from Interbike, Padraig?).

  12. Kevin McDonald

    I can only agree with so many others wants and desires (or needs), but I’d be happy with a pair of thermal 3/4 bibs and more time to enjoy staying warm in them. So little and so much to ask for at the same time!

  13. John

    A fluid cycling trainer. I am new to (non leisure) cycling and am really hating the fact that I cant get any more outdoor miles on my bike. The gym bikes are awful and just do not give my hiney that satisfaction or ache. Outside of that it would always be nice to make the jump and get a full fledge tri bike to start using in my tri races.

  14. Ely

    I have a 70’s Bianchi Pista coming from a good friend for xmas, and another friend is building a set of phil wood slr’s for me.
    I haven’t had a track bike in a few months, as I’ve sold all of mine to buy a sewing machine.
    All of my xmas wishes have come true.
    I dont lust over any bikes. my road bike, a bilenky signature road is great. I have wonderful wheels, american classic 350’s.
    My randonneur bike is ti with a ti fork, schmidt front wheel, ultegra rear. SRAM apex groups on both.
    Our tandem, a rodriguez custom, is fantastic.
    I’m happy and I’m asking Santa for nothing, it has been a good year with lots of surprises.
    If I could, I would have five yards of waxed 18oz cotton duck, any color, from fairfield textiles, so I could make some more bags for folks. It is very expensive.

  15. michael

    well, after x-mas was all said and done, i got the best cycling-related gift I have ever gotten in my entire life – a saeco manual expresso maker.

    michael = happily over-caffeinated since Decembre 25th!

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