The RKP Secret Weapon


Last winter I placed an order with Panache for some thermal bibs emblazoned with the RKP logo. You may also recall the review I did of the Castelli Claudio Bibs in which I mentioned that my nickname for thermal bibs is the secret weapon. They look like regular bibs, they they are so much warmer.

The RKP bibs were nearly as black as could be made. The perfect industrial-strength bib for training in the worst conditions. I wanted a warm pair of bibs that I didn’t have to worry about getting clean. As happens from time to time, I took the opportunity to order a few extra.

It’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but far enough into fall that these can be handy for anyone living in a place with four seasons. Of course, if a significant other were to purchase an early Christmas gift and not wait until late December to give the gift, that could be pretty amazing.

Before I say too much to entice you into lusting after them, I should mention that I’ve got four pair left. Two large and two extra large. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind pulling another one of the pairs of large for myself. So maybe there are only three pair left. The pairs that are left are going for $120. That’s a bit less than the Claudios and honestly, I like the pad and fit of the Panache bibs better.

Because the thermal material doesn’t stretch quite as much as traditional Lycra, these have some compression to them. Naturally, there are silicone leg grippers, but if you combine these with embro—which seems to make the most sense—that won’t matter much. And for those who like riding with an iPod but prefer to keep it hidden, there’s a radio pocket in the bib.

If you don’t get a set now because I’ve sold out of your size, don’t worry. If you’re willing to be part of a pre-order, drop a note to the same address that you would to order one of the remaining pairs of these: killerkit [at] redkiteprayer [dot] com. If I get enough pre-order requests by December 1, I’ll place another order December 5.

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