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By now you’re aware that there’s a relatively new kid on the block in terms of bike magazines. Peloton magazine is entering its second year of publication and is growing like an adolescent with an overactive pituitary. Which is a good thing in this case as we don’t have to buy it any clothes. I’m grateful to every one of you who has already subscribed to the magazine. You lot can drop back by later when the real post for today is finished.

This is a sales pitch pure and simple.

There’s always some fine print, so let’s get that out of the way. I do a lot of work for peloton. Most months, they are my single biggest source of income. They purchased that ad at the right. I’ve been bought and paid for. (Hey FTC: Are you happy now?) That said, no one asked me to write this post. As per usual, it’s from the heart.

You may notice that the ad mentions a discounted subscription. While you don’t have to be an RKP reader to get this deal, currently this blog is the only place outside of peloton that this is being advertised. That should tell you something about highly regarded the RKP readership is.

If you haven’t already subscribed to peloton, please tell a loved one to get you this for the holidays. One of ’em; we don’t care which holiday.

Brad Roe, Tim Schamber, Ben Edwards, Adam Reek and the rest of the team are doing something truly different. This isn’t just a great bike magazine, it’s a great magazine, full stop. They are a great media company. They are doing something to show that artful photography and prose printed on paper still matters, that there’s a place for quality in this world, that we don’t need another commodity focus-grouped into existence.

And here’s the other trick: If you think they’ve been adventurous so far (and they have), with more readers, their budget grows to do even more surprising things. Years from now, I suspect one night you’ll finish an issue and as you set it down you’re going to wonder, “How did we ever get along before there was peloton?”

I ask myself the same thing every damn day.

And if that wasn’t enough, check out this preview of Issue 08.

Fuel for the ride. Indeed.



  1. John

    Peloton has become my favorite road publication. I really enjoyed the first issue of Switchback as well. Count me as a new subscriber.

  2. Souleur

    its my must read each month

    keep up the ‘intelligent’ reviews coming Padraig, that is what separates the magazines from the journals, or the men from the boys

  3. marc b

    I picked up a couple Peloton issues at Interbike and was very impressed. The whole thing feels very well done.

    Switchback needs a bit of work going forward, though: the first issue’s reviews read like they were written by an MBA refugee 🙁 I still subscribed because the other articles were good and there’s a ton of potential (if Peloton is any indication).

  4. michael

    I, like many, took advantage of an offer from Competitive Cyclist for a free digital subscription.

    Count me as a statistic for a conversion – while my digital subscription is still running, I subscribed a few weeks back. I`ve seen enough in the first year to tell me that I know i`ll miss reading it if I don`t get it.

    you all had me at the Belgian beer and frites article.

  5. CAT4Fodder

    I subscribe and like the magazine, as they usually have one great article each issue. However, their over-reliance on “Company” highlights which read like industry trade publication puss pieces masquerading as advertisements is getting annoying.

  6. John N

    I love Peloton but can not understand why every month my copy arrives later and later. Issue 08 is out at Barnes and Noble and I still dont have 07

    1. Author

      John: I’d like to help you, but I’m really not in a position to do anything for you. I encourage you to contact subscriber services and ask them about the issue. I know that Brad would like to see you get your issue on time and he wants the distributor to deal with all problems promptly.

  7. John N

    Sorry. I was not asking for anything. Just making a frustrated comment. The issues come but later and later. Just Irks me that they have video previews of the next issue and its been at B&N for a month and Im still sitting with a thumb in my bum. We have your money so why do we need to please you.

  8. EOB

    I’ve purchased three issues of Peloton from my local bookstore. Each time, I was seduced by the feel of the pages, the sophistication of the layouts, and the beauty of the photography. The magazine is a stunning visual and tactile experience.

    But my initial excitement about the purchase is always followed by disappointment with the magazine’s articles. The magazine’s writing is amateur, and the copy-editing is downright horrible. As fun as it is to hold and see, Peloton is a real chore to read.

    I want print publications to thrive. I want lovingly crafted, long-form bike journalism to flourish. But I won’t buy another copy of Peloton unless the prose improves.

  9. Crit

    Read EOB’s comment then went to his site and read his stuff. Pheww… Thought I was going to find some profound, insightful words but didn’t. I have all issues of peloton. Without question the best cycling mag out there. Nothing matches it. Move on EOB.

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