A Sachs With No Wait

Of all the logos in cycling, one of my favorites is Richard Sachs’ “RS” design. It was created by the talented Chuck Schmidt. Schmidt does all of the design work for Sachs’ many logos, which is why all his non-bike stuff is of a piece. I could go on and on about why I love his design work so much, or why Schmidt is such an interesting guy—he used to put on the Velo Rendezvous event in Pasadena and has a collection of bikes like Lindsay Lohan has days in court—but that’s not really the point of this post.

Short of purchasing a Richard Sachs frame, if you were a fan of the builder, there haven’t been many ways to show your affinity while out for a ride. Well, Richard has just offered his first cycling cap. You heard that right, his first cycling cap.

Richard says he was inspired, in part, by my paean to the cycling cap. You’ll pardon me if I feel honored.

To keep it in style with his kits it’s a black hat with his  traditional RICHARDSACHS band on the front, and the Schmidt-designed Cross Rules(both sides) and atmo (on the brim) logos. Rich but not overdone. The brim is tiny; it’s narrower than any other I’ve run across in recent years and its length is shortened in proportion to its width, just 2 inches.

While this cap isn’t cotton, it isn’t like other non-cotton cycling caps I’ve seen. This one is produced from a microfiber polyester that has a shiny, if innocuous appearance. I like this way better than the other waffle weave materials I’ve seen used. I expect the colors will last a good deal longer than the typical cotton unit, so it’s got that going for it, too. One other little note: It’s a tiny bit smaller in fit than a Castelli cap, though just as deep.

Richard says wearing one will “get you more tail than Sinatra.” Of course, if that’s not your style, he’s got his knitted “Fidel” cap in stock as well.

Check out the cycling cap here.

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  1. vectorbug

    There is someone racing a RS at socalcross in the masters cats. I keep meaning to pick his brain about it but I’m usually half dead after my race and can barely think straight or breathe etc…

  2. naisan

    OK – is chuck schmidt the same one who rode his bike to Claremont and visited Bud’s bike shop back every week or so in the 80’s? I remember a guy named Chuck who was a designer and had the best bike collection and used to drop into our shop in the late 80’s. . .same guy? If that’s you Chuck let me know!

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