Pablove Auction

You may be aware that Pablove is a charity that works to fight childhood cancer. You may also be aware that Jeff Castelaz, one of the founders of Pablove—and the father of Pablo Thrailkill Castelaz for whom the charity is named—is an avid cyclist and has raised awareness for the work the charity does through rides he and others do.

What you may not know is that as one of the founders of Dangerbird Records, Jeff has a lot of musician friends and they have come together to do an auction on behalf of Pablove. There are a number of amazing items (one or two of which you may need to outbid me on) up for grabs, and among them is the painting artist Geoff McFetridge did for the cover of peloton magazine‘s latest issue, pictured above.

Brad Roe, the publisher of peloton, had one request: “Let it rain money.”

Let it rain, indeed.

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