Friday Group Ride #86

Tiso says it has electronic shifting in the works …

Let’s see what’s on my list. The winter is coming, and I’m going to need pieces and parts to deal with it. I need a new hardware kit for my Planet Bike fenders. All the screw tops are stripped out, because I put them on and take them off too much. I’m going to get a pair of TRP V-Brakes for my cross bike. When it gets colder and icier cantilevers become little more than an ugly, brake-lever-actuated noise.

I need new winter gloves, too. I’m going to try Craft’s Siberian this go round. I like a super warm glove that allows me to have control of all my fingers. I have a kajillion hats, but I’m going to add an Ibex Coppi wool hat, cause managing sweat and odor in the winter is really a matter of having enough wool to ride a new hat every day.

More wool. More wind front tights. Probably another pair of gloves, too. Just because.

With Interbike in the rear view mirror, America’s velo populace has visions of electronic derailleurs dancing in its collective head. We’ve seen what’s coming (assuming it ever gets to market) and we want it.

This week’s Group Ride isn’t a premature launch into winter, necessarily. That’s just what I’m looking at as I gear up. Those in warmer climes have other things on their mind.

The question is: What’s on your list? Is it a new bike? Which one? Some new components? Are they electronic? Some new clothes? What’s caught your eye? Give us your list and tell us why each thing is on it.


  1. Eric

    Compact crank. I’ve seen them for years but didn’t want to give in to the thought of not running a standard crank. Even though over the years the cassettes seem to be going from a 23 to a 25 to a 26. I put a cheap compact on my rain bike just to see. Never mind vanity, it’s great. Now I’m researching which one to get to put on my good bike.

  2. Jeremy

    Alfine/disk commuter build for the winter here in Boston.

    I’m so done with derailleurs and canti-noise-makers during winter. I rode a single speed this last winter, but with my commute increasing to 35mi RT, I’m looking forward to having some gears 🙂

    Oh, and some new winter gloves too – Sugoi XT’s are great, but not below about 25f. Thinking PI lobsters.

  3. Jesse

    A new light and finally some panniers for my winter bike. It will be nice to give my back a break from backpacks and messenger bags.

    I’ve also got my eye on a Canyon Vdrome for next year’s track season.

  4. Jeremy

    @robot – Thanks! I’ll take you up on that…but only work in trades. I’m sure I could dig up some parts/coffee/beer that might interest you 🙂

  5. ben

    wool hat w/ brim, decent light for city commutes/rides that won’t empty my wallet (suggestions?), Race-blade fenders for my commuter (steel roadie), and some new commuter tires (probably just replace the bomb-proof tires I have…Michelin “City” tires 700×28 unless y’all have a better suggestion). My commuter has downtube shifters…do they make an electric downtube shifter yet?? hah!

  6. Champs

    Jeremy is right: to hell with cantis. I’m so glad I traded up to a disc fork for commuting.

    Moving to the Pacific Northwest has really made me reconsider most of my fleet, the aforementioned bike excluded. First up is a mountain bike, to explore the mossy rainforest and work on body control. I consider myself an OK handler, but with fat rubber, singletrack, and slower speed, it all falls apart.

  7. [email protected]

    New wheel build – want to try out some HED Belgian rims.

    As far as clothing goes – the local Ibex Tent Sale is next weekend – will be on the lookout for some wool goodies!

    That’s it for starters. Might build up my Trek 2000 aluminum frame that’s been hanging in the garage for a few years. Might quell my bike lust over the winter.

  8. ben

    [email protected]
    those rims are bomb-proof. My riding buddy has wheels built up w/ HED Belgiums and he’s ridden dirt-roads, hit a gaping hole that blew his tire open, but still straight and true. Good luck w/ the build!

  9. jeepers

    Clothes but it gives me a headache.
    I have stuff I like,stuff I dont, stuff I like except for this one thing,some stuff Im tired of….Not that I have a ton of stuff -I dont- but its not an efficient system.

  10. cthulhu

    OK, I think I’m going on the rogue break away again…
    What do I wish to survive the winter…
    1. A lovely gal to spend the dark winter evenings together and when it’s absolutely impossible ride outside and my bottom forces me to quite after 2 hours on the rollers
    2. A cross bike or at least an MTB for the winter would be great
    3. Faster legs. After my promotion I now have to race against the fast boys and they surely are
    4. Definitely great would be if I’d find something to keep my feet warm, I have yet to find something effective
    5. And while we’re at it, a new frame for the coming road season

  11. armybikerider

    1. I’ve just recently resurrected a circa 1995 C’dale CAAD3-ish mtn bike. I’ve been commuting (flat 1 mile ride) on a vintage M2 Stumpjumper but the ‘Dale was begging to be ridden. I’m in the process of making it into a 1 X 7 possibly….maybe a single speed. I stripped the frame bare to clean it and really dig the stripped look so I’m exploring ways to maybe only re-install the front or the rear brakes (but the bare posts will look weird). 2. I’ll be trying to start some sort of core workout and stretching program. Because I’ve been getting some low back pain and think these will help plus aid my overall fitness.
    3. I’m also trolling ebay and forums for old beat up Flite saddles to recover (I’ve partnered with a local Mennonite horse saddle maker to recover them and give them a second life). Because it’s an outlet for my frustrated creative side.

  12. Chefesque

    My winter riding wishlist:

    A new rack for my commuter.
    Some nice wool socks for winter riding.
    Recovery from my cracked rib so I can ride faster and longer than a recovery pace for an hour.

  13. Doug P

    I don’t have a winter wish list this fall, because I did my winter shopping in the French Alps in July. (it was COLD!) I climbed the Glandon in wet clothes, and my feet were numb at the summit. I’m grateful to the ancient bike shop owner in St Jean de Maurienne who talked me into Carnac shoe covers. Having warm feet is wonderful. I needed every bit of my winter kit for the snow on the Galibier!
    TRP minis! I liked my first set so much I bought a second for my other ‘cross bike.
    I just finished an SS monstercross disc bike. We’ll see how the discs work with V-drop levers in the rain.

  14. wvcycling

    I am drooling for a dual suspension mountain bike, whether it be 26″ or 29″. I really want a spearfish 1, or something else with less than 100mm suspension…

  15. Simon

    My last two purchases have both been small but made big differences. A new pair of tacx jockey wheels has stopped that hunting at the rear which was bothering me, and the arrival of a pair of northwave footbeds has coincided with my knees not bothering me. The pics of the new Condor Super Acciaio at the Cycleshow have got me drooling…but not yet…

  16. Paul

    I need a new, thinner jacket to fill the gap between my wind vest and my fully lined winter jacket. I also like the sound of those windfront tights, I definitely need something to keep my d**k warm on colder mornings …

  17. Morgan

    A new wabi woolens jersey is number one on the list!
    They came out with a newer fabric in short and long sleeve. Go SS and pair with wool arm warmers or go with LS?

  18. jorgensen

    Electronic shifting will stay off the purchase list until it is integrated with a son of Ergobrain, that also has load sensor pickups. I want the bike to suggest a gear that will be more effective, keep tabs on my power so it will select the best gear for me to sprint in based on my current output, and heart rate.
    You know this is coming, just another reason to keep the UCI minimum weight on a road bike, a 500 gram frame and the other half a kilo of computer to make me faster.

  19. Phil

    Like TallMoots, I’m considering a town bike for myself, as well as my wife, so we can get around town and do our shopping etc. We don’t own a car, and catch public transit everywhere, but it would be nice to be able to get to places transit doesn’t service.

    For myself, I’ve got a few things I need, and a few I want (in order of importance)

    – A new pair of bib shorts
    – A new pair of shoes (I broke the top strap on my left shoe and am using a Christophe leather strap to maintain tension)
    – A Dinotte 300R (I like to be seen)
    – Campagnolo Centaur Ultra Shift levers (the 2009 edition with the ability to move up and down the cassette more than one sprocket at a time)
    – A Pegoretti Duende or Zullo Pantare (I dream of an Italian Steel frame)

    That’s all.

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