The RKP Tee

It’s been written that this isn’t an age for creeds. I’m not one to argue with that view. However, for most of us cycling isn’t so much a sport as it is a belief. What we take from cycling, from the fitness gained to victories earned, can be summed up as lessons. We’ve learned things, things that influence how we see the world.

The central truth of cycling in my life has been that in suffering on the bike, I’ve gained insights that have informed me, taught me about the world in ways I could never have guessed, nor even wanted. While the Zen koan “knowledge is pain” is beyond true, it doesn’t speak to the journeys we make, either literally on the bike, or metaphorically through the bike. ‘To suffer is to learn’ is the simplest, most direct recognition I can make for what cycling has given me.

So why not have it on a T-shirt?

One of the unanticipated dividends of starting a blog has been the opportunity to explore fun projects with an extraordinarily gifted graphic designer. The upshot is getting to commission some of the coolest items I’ve enjoyed as a cyclist. Joe Yule at Stage One Sports is simply the best graphic designer I’ve worked with—and I’ve worked with some good ones. He’s responsible for everything from the RKP logo to the kit and, of course, our popular Roubaix T-shirt.

I just asked him to make a shirt he’d like to wear.





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