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Ever since I wrote the post “Wait and See” last winter, I’ve been getting questions about Asphalt Magazine. The post was meant to drive interest to the new magazine peloton, to which I contribute. I think Brad Roe, Tim Schamber, Adam Reek et al are doing a very fine job with the magazine. It’s easily the magazine I was hoping to produce when I started Asphalt in late 2002 and in fact, is better.

To the degree that anyone sees parallels between what we did at Asphalt and what peloton or any of the other road bike magazines out there are doing, I’m complimented. No greater praise can be lauded on Asphalt than to say that it had a lasting influence.

Even so, it’s a closed chapter in my life, one I would not wish to reopen even if there were hoards of investors beating down my door (come to think of it, that sounds downright scary). At the end of the day, I’ve always been happiest when I’m writing, and contributing features to peloton is ideal for me and the role of publisher is less so.

In two years we managed to produce five issues of Asphalt. There was a sixth issue almost ready to go to the printer when things got, uh, sideways. We printed the magazine on incredible stock which required us to source the magazine overseas; had we printed it here in the states we would have paid more for it to be printed than we charged to sell it. Part of my thinking for printing on such fine paper was that I always believed we would do a brisk business in back issues while the magazine was a going concern (and we did), and I wanted it to last. It seemed only fair that we provide people something that reflected the quality of the activity and the equipment they rode. What I hadn’t anticipated was the way the magazine has become a collector’s item in the years since.

As I keep receiving inquiries from people who want the entire set of back issues, the reasonable thing to do is to offer them in the RKP store.

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