Updated: The RKP Cycling Cap

You may recall my post from last winter on the cotton cycling cap. Chock full of nostalgia and ambivalence, the post sparked a stunning number of comments for so humble an item. They were all, shall we say, of a piece. Frankly, I was surprised that there was so much support and desire for an RKP hat.

Robot, God love him, got things rolling with Castelli and we’re pleased to report that they’ll begin shipping from RKP‘s SoCal headquarters during the first week of the Tour. Twenty bucks gets you a cap and some stickers, too.

I will be officially retiring that old, blue Alexia Alluminio cap the moment these arrive.

You can order them here.

A little update: They are here and are shipping out!


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  1. Phil

    Heck, if no one else, then Dennis Christopher (the lead actor in Breaking Away) made an old yellow Campagnolo hat work brilliantly. There’s also Wesley Snipes with his Colnago hat in White Men Can’t Jump.

  2. CFB

    Gorgeous. But how fat a head can these lids accommodate? I am a size 7 & 5/8…and that melon does not fit into Pearl Izumi caps, for example. Please advise!

    1. Author

      Phil: It is because of Dennis Christopher that my first cycling cap was a yellow Campy one. For the same reason, the yellow Campy cap will always be the single greatest hat around.

      CFB: The cap is made by Castelli and in my experience they are just a tad larger than the others I’ve worn. It’s one of the reasons I selected them. That said, your melon is almost two inches greater in circumference than my pinhead. I see cut elastic and darts in your future.

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