Props to John Pierce

All of the photography that I run from ProTeam events, such as the images from this year’s Tour de France come from John Pierce at Photosport International. I’ve got a relationship with John that goes back 15 years. I can tell you he has a wicked sense of humor. He can drink me and most folks I know under the table, not that he or I go in for that anymore. His knowledge of cycling goes back decades upon decades. He’s also a gifted and generous shooter.

It’s this latter detail that causes me to write now. While I pay John for the work that I run, I don’t pay him what the work is worth. It takes a team to produce work of the quality that John delivers; he doesn’t work in a vacuum. That a blog like RKP can secure work of this quality so soon after a stage (without stealing it from legitimate sites) is really an incredible fortune.

I’d like to do something more for John. From now through the end of the Tour, if you purchase a sticker pack, 100% of the proceeds will go to John. Purchase anything else, (hat, kit, gift pack, etc.) and I’ll give him 10% of the proceeds. To the degree that you value his work and enjoy seeing it here, this is a way to show your appreciation, and help me show mine.

You can visit the store here.

Images: Chris Wallis, Photosport International



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      Thanks much. Yup, shipping to Oz. It’s just a bit more expensive (actually, more than double on shipping—sorry) and takes longer (also more than double, it seems).

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