Please Donate for Wouter

If my entry to the hereafter were arranged today, against my will, my wife and son would be against the wall. I’m simply not worth enough, dead or alive, to ensure them an easy future.

Each time I try to picture Wouter Weylandt’s wife and the pain she must be experiencing, I’m immediately derailed by thoughts of my own family. I try to picture my bereaved wife bringing our son into the world without me. The loss is so monumental it’s like trying to picture the distance between stars; his widow’s loneliness is no less great. Not a day has passed that I haven’t cried over our loss and her pain.

It’s nice to know that our community has turned out for him and that people are donating to a fund. The cycling world is a big community, but not that big. There’s simply no way to donate too much. I’ve added what I can and hope you will too.


  1. LD

    years ago I set up a fund when my younger brother was tragically killed and left his widow and two young children without income…….. it made a huge difference and set them up to this day. As cyclists we can do our part for the Weylandt family.

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