On the Death of Wouter Weylandt

A better way to remember Wouter Weylandt

So it comes to this. Competition is the domain of life, an expression of all that is vital, a chance to tell the world who we are in the most visceral of ways. We know the elements required—muscle, heart, brain and bone. And yet, they are each a statement of how fragile life is.

We know the risks of racing a bicycle, of riding, itself. To reject it for its risks would be to deny ourselves the opportunity engage the world, to reject joy itself. In accepting the dangers, we concede that this world is finite, that a life lived—no matter how fully—still ends.

But not like this. Not on TV. Not so young. Not so full of promise. Not with a pregnant wife and new roles to fulfill and new love to feel.

That’s the great irony to be found in death. In a life full of choices, sometimes we can’t choose how or when we go. Not like this. Not yet.





  1. Souleur

    a sad day indeed.
    i remember everyone since Casartelli as i was young and remember seeing the remnant of the crash, it was like when those huge events occur in your life, you pause, and fixed in time like a cheap photo its etched into your memory permanently. Each one is terrible, each one leaving family and loved ones and for them I pray for their comfort at this time.

    you said it best Padraig, not like this.

  2. Jim D.

    I heard the news on NPR. It just stopped me in my tracks. As Pardraig but it we know the risks of racing or riding a bike. We just hope this never happens. Very sad day.

    Jim D.

  3. Mark Mauchline


    Thank you for capturing the poignant, heartfelt thoughts many are feeling, and you have so eloquently shared through your writing. My thoughts are with the young man’s family and friends.


    Mark Mauchline

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