The Black RKP Bib

We’re down to our last five pair of these black bibs from Panache. They need to go bye-bye ASAP so we can pay for a run of cycling caps emblazoned with the RKP logo.

I’ve been wearing these for more than a year and can say they are holding up exceedingly well. We have two each of Large and XXL and one pair of XL. If you have any additional questions, just drop us a note in the comments.

They are going for $95 plus shipping. Check ’em out here.



  1. Cat

    Sign me up for a cap please. And as soon as there is a black ladies’ bib, I’m in for one of those too please! Midgets don’t fit men’s sized bibs very well …

  2. bigring


    In general, will there be more kits or the ability to order? I still need more kits! washing to much! I am very happy with the quality of this stuff. Would kill for a black XL bib or even another blue….


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