The North American Handmade Bicycle Show: Day 1

It’s late. I got a late start and scrambled to see everything and nothing at once. I’ll fill in more in the coming days. The above seat cluster is by Mark DiNucci. It was some of the best lug work I saw today, performed by an absolute master.

This powder blue touring bike by Mark DiNucci was one of my faves.


DiNucci is a master of both lug design and bike geometry.

Andy Newlands of Strawberry shows off one of his frames.
Tommasini haven’t always been easy to find in the last few years and they are one of the handful of remaining Italian builders doing everything in-house except for their chrome work.
I was really impressed with Engin out of Philadelphia. I’ll be headed back to see more.

Wound Up was showing some interesting variations on their fiber-wound work. The forks remain incredibly stiff and reasonably light, plus they are available in multiple rakes.

Parlee continues their great work. This blue-tinted clear coat was my favorite-looking bike I saw today. Mill Valley’s Above Category ordered this Parlee track bike for a customer with the AC logo on both the stem and the fork.
Cherubim is from Japan and the bikes had strikingly pretty lines.

Sampson Sports showed off some new products and these pedals scored highly looks, weight, durability and platform width; I’ll have more on these in the future.
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  1. Champs

    Seems like everybody hit Day 1 except me. I took a brewery tour, and regret nothing. I’m counting on the balance of the show to be just as good.

  2. Alex Torres

    Maybe I´m wrong but the atmosphere of the NAHB looks to me like the Interbike circa early 90´s, when the booming MTB brough a lot of cool, inventive, creative and relaxed guys into the industry and shows. I´ve never attended NAHB but back then I was writing for a local bike mag and used to hit Anaheim in september every year to cover the show and see the new stuff. Not that looking into the big guns was unplesant work, but I remeber being drawn to the small, inventive and dedicated booths all the time, so that´s what stuck with me. Really great times, maybe next year I check NAHBS(if the world doesn´t end in 2012 of course :-p )

  3. randomactsofcycling

    That Cherubim is certainly an interesting mix of styles and genres. I suppose that is the appeal of such a show: builders being able to ‘show-off’. And the paint (or is it powder coat?) on that DiNucci is fantastic. Just thick enough to look glossy and rich but not overwhelming the lugwork. Great balance.
    Thanks for covering the show Padraig.

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