NAHBS: Day Two Portraits

I shot more than 200 images today yesterday and there’s no way to both upload all of them now AND sleep tonight. So I’ve selected a group of portraits I shot. They were fun and the subjects delightful. Or maybe they are delightful and the subjects were fun. Regardless, as tired as I was when the show ended today, I didn’t really want to walk out.

Leading off the set is Sacha White of Vanilla, who I caught while he was making a small adjustment to my favorite booth of the show.

Dave Kirk

Jay SyCip, who manages Chris King’s Cielo program.
Jeremy SyCip, these days the one-man show behind Santa Rosa’s SyCip Cycles.Mike DeSalvo of DeSalvo Cycles relaxing during a calm moment.The ever practical Carl Strong; Carl’s aesthetic looks for function long before it seeks beauty. As a result, his frames are austere, but warm to the business end of the peloton.

Even if we never remembered Don Walker’s famous fillet-brazed frames, as the organizer of NAHBS, his place in the frame building world would be assured. If he wasn’t doing NAHBS, he’d be doing more frames.

David Wages of Ellis (it’s a family name) hangs out and talks to fans.

Frame building’s favorite iconoclast, Richard Sachs.Nick Crumpton gets excited.

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  1. Thom

    Ha! I’m pretty certain that’s Mike DeSalvo of DeSalvo Cycles. I can’t wait for him to get back to the Rogue Valley so I can call up and ask for Sean. Too funny.

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