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The Giro LX LF is a pair of gloves I’ve written about previously. I loved them the first time around, even at $70 per pair. And while that price isn’t what I’d call cheap, these gloves feel nothing short of extravagant. I can understand how someone might not choose to indulge in a pair of these, but maybe hint to their sweet one that a pair of gloves, such as these, would be downright memorable.

Giro recently updated the styling on these gloves. They now have two different styles, one being the all-black ninja and the other replaced the black palm of my previously-reviewed pair with a white palm.


These are PRO, not in the classic sense of something you’d expect to see gracing Eddy Merckx’ palms, but PRO in the ‘I’m going to wear the most comfortable and stylish cool-weather glove I’ve ever encountered’ sense. As much as I liked the originals, the white palm totally does it for me.

Of course, white has its, uh, challenges. I’ve worn my pair nearly daily for about a month (not quite). Long rides, short rides, hard and sweaty rides. Below is EXACTLY what they looked like this afternoon.

I’ve made no attempt to clean them up. They aren’t new-undies white anymore, but outside, in sunlight, they are close enough for the peloton. What’s their temperature range, you ask? I’ve worn them into the mid-40s and been grateful for them, though the combination of a hard ride, temps in the 60s and these gloves is a bit much. On easy rides, I can wear them into the upper 60s.

These may not be the coolest long finger cycling gloves crafted from leather ever made. I’m okay with that. But if you know of something better, don’t tell me. I’m satisfied with these.

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  1. todd k

    Plus side to the white on the palm is that you won’t get black dye coming off the gloves onto your palm… I had this issue with the LX last year. (Sweat would prompt a surprising amount of black dye to come off, I got caught in a rain storm and the problem was more pronounced.)

    It looks like they modified the padding on the palm significantly from the prior version? Maybe it is the camera angle and glove color, but it looks more substantial? Personally I wish that folks would manufacture gloves significantly less to no padding. I’ve had gloves with padding create a number of numbness, pain and assorted discomfort previously. I have not generally found that padding terribly beneficial. I have found that most of the issues glove padding seeks to resolve are better addressed through a variety of bar tape solutions, handlebar set up and how you set your shift levers on the handlebar.

    1. Author

      Todd K: I really didn’t have that problem with the black LX LF, though I got that in spades with another manufacturer’s glove. I will say that I see them as most appropriate for slightly better weather; I don’t think I’d run them in a cyclocross race. The revised LX LF has the same padding as the previous version: Just a bit at the heel of your palm. I’m with you; I prefer gloves with less padding and do work hard to make sure that my bar and lever position is dialed.

      James: I haven’t ridden with these in the rain. Generally speaking I go for micro-fleece gloves in raining conditions because they shed water and still keep my hands reasonably warm. Giordana does a nice pair.

      Matt: I do follow your reasoning on the couch. LIke I mentioned, I kind of consider these fair-weather gloves. I certainly wouldn’t change a flat with them on. Keeping them clean so far really hasn’t been a challenge and what discoloration I’ve experienced is, I think, from rubbing the lever hoods.

  2. Matt Walsh

    White!!!! No matter how well they clean up, white is dangerous. These sound like great gloves but I have to go black, baby. It’s like when my wife insisted on the white couch — when we had a 7 year old girl and a 12 year old boy. Disaster.

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  4. Amy Leigh

    I just wanted to say how much I have loved last seasons Giro LX LF gloves (white with the black palm), and these are a seriously sharp update. I have been struggling to leave these gloves behind as the temps have gone up- I’m sweating in them but just love the feel and the grip… I went looking for SF version and note that there is a completely different layout of padding (at least four times more pad), so, as a newbie rider it’s interesting to hear your thoughts on the “less is better” front. Still, I can’t sweat in these things all summer! So maybe I’ll give the SF version a shot. I’m also concerned about them stretching out a lot more with sweating. However, with regard to water in general, while I agree with these being a fair weather glove, according to the Competitive Cyclist website (NFI), they claim Giro endorses gentle washing of these gloves. Anyway, the white palms look rad- glad to know others share my enthusiasm for these incredible mits! They really fit, feel and look fantastic.

    1. Author

      Amy: With padded bar tape, I just don’t really see the need for a lot of padding in the glove. I never felt like my hands didn’t have enough padding, and believe me, bare hands on old Benotto cellophane tape should be filed under “cruel.”

      I know what you mean about not wanting to give them up, but sweating too much to continue wearing them. Funny how that caused me to love my life in the South Bay even more. I get to wear them for roughly eight months each year.

  5. Michael Rock

    I bought a pair when I went to the Pyrenees at the end of May this year. When I got to the top of Tourmelet, the perforated leather on the back of my hands had ripped to shreds. 3 day old gloves!! It was blistering hot and I had been sweating, but for 70 bucks I expected more durability. They were covered in salt from sweating – perhaps the combination of sweat and ultraviolet did the damage. What do you guys think?

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