Determination and Disappointment

Editor’s Note: We ran across photographer Whit Bazemore’s work last week following the ‘cross nationals in Bend, Oregon. His work captures the drama and suffering that make cyclocross such a stunning spectacle. We hope you enjoy the work of a new voice.

If cycling is one of the most photogenic sports, cyclocross is its centerfold. The beauty,
texture and emotion attract some of the sport’s best photographers. And, for the same
reasons spectators are attending ‘cross races in record numbers, photographing ‘cross is
relatively easy. No motorcycle needed, just belly up to one of many great vantage points
along the course, and wait for the story to unfold.
A cyclocross race is akin to an hour-long drag race. No “sitting in,” no “saving your
legs,” just flat out for an hour. My background is motor sports, both as a photographer
and competitor, and one of the things I love most about shooting cycling is how visible
the racers’ expressions and body language are. Cyclocross is raw and exposed. The
determination—which some racers successfully mask their suffering with—is apparent,
as is the disappointment.
Whit Bazemore
December 16, 2010



  1. Randomactsofcycling

    I love Cyclocross photography! All these riders look how I feel every time I clip in! I tried track for the first time this year. Cyclocross is definitely on the agenda for 2011.

  2. todd k

    Enjoyed the photos. The photo of Chris Jones sure is telling. I also like the one of Sue Butler post race– she always seems to leave it al out on the course.

  3. Marco Placero

    For some inexplicable reason I’m lovin’ women’s cyclocross. Somethin’ bout their fluidity, and no I don’t mean the snot string even though I think that’s way sexy.

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  5. Carol & Tom

    You are great at anything you do Whit! Great at photography, Cyclocross, motorsports, Father and Friend! We miss you!

  6. Jeff

    Great pics! I am a mountain biker and I can relate to how those riders feel! Wish Whit would come back to the funny car ranks! The sport needs him.

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