Black Friday Group Ride

Let us, just on this most shamelessly consumerist day of days, let go the idea that covetousness is a bad thing. Sure, it is comprised of at least four of the seven deadly sins (gluttony, greed, lust and envy), but passion is a complicated force, equal parts good and corrupt.

All across the United States, misguided souls queued outside giant shopping plexes, credit cards flexed in anticipation of “bargains” and the unfettered license given to consumption on the biggest shopping day of the year.

At my house the World Cycling Productions catalog arrived, sat on the back of the toilet for a week, and each of the items circled in pen that I hope my wife will at least consider acquiring on Santa’s beneficent behalf. Craft, Castelli and Assos each beckon from those pages. I have thumbed through their offered wares like a kid with a Toys R’Us circular, wanting that one, no that one.

This Fridays’ Group Ride is a simple one. What do you want for Christmas/Hannukah/Kwaanza/Festivus/TheHellOfIt?

We are, of course, offering some cycletastic items in the RKP store, and hope you will consider them as gifts either for yourself or others. There are RKP socks in fine fabric and high style, brand new RKP water bottles, specially made for us by our friends at Specialized, a limited edition shirt celebrating the World Championship of Thor Hushovd, and even full and luxurious RKP kit, bibs, warmers, and jerseys.


  1. James

    What I want for Christmas…hmmm. I’d really like a new road bike but the chances of that happening are astronomical! There really isn’t anything I really need, cycling or otherwise. I guess I’ll have to go with pulling our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq! That would give me the most pleasure! Happy Holidays to all…

  2. Jon

    A pair of Assos bib tights is what I want. They might encompass lust, gluttony and envy … and damn they’ll feel good (and look good) on a cold January ride.

  3. SinglespeedJarv

    I would like my back to be fixed and to be able to ride properly again. On a slightly more realistic level I’d quite like some Shimano Dura-Ace tubeless wheels. On a likely level…

  4. Andrew

    SinglespeedJarv: I just randomly read your comment and thought I would pass along a tip. You might want to look for these wheels yourself on No, I don’t work for them in anyway… I simply was drooling over the dura-ace scandium (or whatever) set they had for ~$550!! Maybe this is an Xmas gift you can find for yourself. They will surely come up again on bonktown.

    1. Padraig

      Michael: RKP is one place you’ll never have to apologize for lusting after bike stuff. I can think of a few other things it’s safe to admit you lust for: micro brews, California wines, European sports cars, the odd super model …

  5. SinglespeedJarv

    Andrew, thanks for the thought but being in the UK sort of rules that out. As does the price. It was purely a lustful idea, albeit a far more realistic one than say three bikes identical but for a different groupset: Dura-Ace 7900, SRAM Red & Campag Super Record. What other way am I going to be able to tell whether Shimano are still the best?

  6. mark

    Two sets of carbon tubulars glued with Dugast rubber. And if I could get them early, i.e. in time for ‘cross nationals next week, all the better.

    Actually, since this is what we want (well beyond what may be reasonable), I’ll take four sets of carbon tubulars, two each with typhoons and rhinos. I’ll also take a Cannondale Super X with Di2. And with a nod to practicality even though such is not required, I’ll request just one Super X rather than two, as I’ll keep my Tricross as the pit bike.

  7. Dan O

    For Christmas? I’d like to score my 11 year old son a nice ‘cross bike. He’s been racing ‘cross on his mountain bike and doing okay. An actual ‘cross bike for him would be a cool present – for both of us.

    I hope Santa is listening…

  8. dvgmacdonald

    Well, I recently found out my wife is pregnant….wait for it….with triplets. So, I’m thinking I need a Surly Big Dummy with a kid seat or two, plus a Burley trailer, otherwise my opportunities to ride are about to slim way down.

    Now, since I’m going with such a practical ride for the coming day to day riding, I’ll also confess to wanting a Pinarello Kobh with Super Record 11 and some hand built wheels. You know, for the days when she takes the kids & tells me to get out of here for a few hours.

    Happy Holidays, all!

  9. todd k

    dvgmacdonald: I’m thinking that come this time next year you will be wishing for sleep and maybe 30 hour days to get everything else done! Congrats!

  10. SinglespeedJarv

    dvgmacdonald, congrats but what Toddk said. Our twins are 5mths old: sleep & time are juggled on a tightrope. Enjoy the now, it’s a different type of enjoyment once their born

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