I'm More Than a Little Nervous About “Race Across the Sky 2010”

A “Cool Stuff Coming Next Week” Note from Fatty: For some time, I’ve been thinking that I would like to do a week of posts with the theme “Stuff I Like.” Specifically, each day next week I’m going to talk about some bike-related object that I really love. So watch for that.

Cleverly, one of the things I love is also going to be the central part in one of the most awesome bike giveaway contests I’ve ever done.

It’s like synchronicity. Or maybe it’s synergy. Or maybe both. I’d have to look the words up to know for sure, I guess.

Regardless, I think you may want to look under the sofa, borrow money from your parents, and otherwise scrounge up some cancer-fighting cash.

Cuz this is going to be big. And awesome. And quite possibly awesomely big.

I’m More Than a Little Nervous About Race Across the Sky 2010

In 2009, Citizen Pictures did a documentary of the 2009 Leadville 100 race. It was a fun movie, centered mostly around the Wiens / Armstrong rematch. I saw the movie at the local theatre, and it was a blast — mostly because the theatre was packed with other cyclists, all cheering whenever someone we recognized appeared on the screen.

For 2010, Citizen Pictures came back to Leadville to do the sequel. A few days ago, they uploaded a trailer. Check it out:

After seeing this preview, I knew that I would for sure be seeing this movie when it comes to US theaters November 4. I mean, JHK vs Levi Leipheimer vs Dave Wiens vs Todd Wells vs Ned Overend vs Tinker Juarez. All racing the course I have been on — without fail — for the past fourteen years.

Heck yeah I’m going to see that movie.

And then, after watching the preview about five times (loved the soundtrack by the way, anyone know who that is? [Update: It’s Clutch, and the song is “Electric Worry,” as clearly indicated at the beginning of the video. Duh.]), I went to the Vimeo page for the video. And there, I saw in the “Tags” section, this:


For those of you who don’t know, my name happens to be Elden Nelson. And since the only other Elden Nelson I know of is the president of the Association of Free Lutheran Congregations and therefore doesn’t have a lot of time to race his mountain bike, I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to be in this movie.


How to Make Me Say Anything, at Great Length

The thing is, I don’t recall any camera crews following me during the 2010 Leadville race (and, unfortunately, there were no crews filming me in 2009, or I’m pretty sure at least one moment would have made the cut). Sure, it’s possible they filmed me but I don’t recall. (The Runner reports that a film crew filmed her — riding with The Daisy mounted on her handlebars — for a big chunk of the final part of the race, so maybe she’ll be in the film?)

So probably they’re going to include some of the footage of the interview they did with me before the race.

Which scares me to death.

You see, like most people, I’m not exactly comfortable when a camera is turned on me. And like some — not all — people, my tendency when nervous is to talk. Fast. And a lot.

About anything that comes into my head, whether it’s relevant or not. Or accurate or not.

And then, later, after I’ve calmed down, I try to remember what it is that I’ve been going on about . . . and I have no idea whatsoever. Just a vague memory of talking and talking and talking and talking and thinking about the fact that I’m talking and can’t seem to shut myself up and wishing that someone — please, anyone — would whack me on the back of the head with a blackjack, thus rendering me unconscious and therefore incapable of further blathering.

In this case, I recall in particular a moment where they ask why I was going to ride a singlespeed. Which caused me, of course, at that precise moment, to completely forget the perfectly good reason I have for riding a singlespeed: it’s fun and I like it. Instead, I went on and on (and on and on and on) about . . . something.

To be honest, I’m caught between hoping they will include that section in the movie — because it might be humiliatingly hilarious to see myself do rapidfire stream-of-concious ranting on the big screen — and sending them an impassioned plea, along with a check for $5000, not to include it. Because, you know, it’s not like I have a ton of credibility in the first place, but I kinda would like to hold on to whatever tiny bit I have.

November 4

I assure you, I have not seen any of this video. Ever. And I don’t expect that Citizen Pictures is going to send me a rough cut or anything for my signoff.

Which means that when I go to see that movie, I’ll be seeing and hearing myself on the big screen for the first time. Unprepared. Vulnerable. And, I expect, very very sweaty.

So — as you may expect — I’m now just a little bit nervous for November 4.

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