Friday Group Ride #39

Interbike, the annual peek inside Santa’s workshop, has arrived. Even though the bike industry has moved to a year-round product development and introduction cycle, thanks, in part, to events like the Sea Otter Classic and the Amgen Tour of California, Interbike is the place to wow cycling’s devoted with the latest and greatest.

The question of whether Interbike or Eurobike is bigger is a distraction. Go to Eurobike and a fair chunk of what you’ll see—say trekking bikes, for instance—will never enter an American port. If you want the pulse of the American market, Las Vegas is the place, at least one last time.

Going into this year’s show, I’ve been more focused on the names of the companies I won’t be seeing there rather than thinking about the new stuff I’m convinced I can’t live without. The number of companies displaying only at the Outdoor Demo is growing as is the list of companies that won’t even be there this year. I’m hoping that Airborne’s new head honch Rick Vosper’s prognostication is correct, that part of the move to Anaheim included negotiating a large-scale return to the show floor for everyone from Trek to Giant, Cannondale, Cervelo and Felt.

Their absences, and the absences of plenty of others, made the show floor a little less interesting last year, if easier to get through. Still, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

The question we put to you this week: What have you heard about in the run-up to the show that you are most excited about? New wheels from Easton? New bars, stems and more from Zipp? Puncture-proof Hutchinson tubulars? Whose new bike would you most like to ride?

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  1. SinglespeedJarv

    Injury has forced a consideration of all things cycling including what and how I ride. This first part of this project has been to get rid of pretty much all my current stock of bikes. Then, in the interests of keeping my sanity, passing the time and keeping up hope that I will one-day return to the saddle, I have recently started to plan a new road bike project. The longer-term plan, that is entirely dependent on the outcome of a meeting with a surgeon, includes a new MTB project.

    What all this means in the context of Interbike and new kit is that I’m after some; and the list goes a little like this:

    Fizik Shoes: I think they’re out sometime next year, but as long as I can cook them at home and not have to done them in-store a million miles from where I live, then I’m having a pair.

    Shimano Tubeless road wheels and Hutchinson tyres: as I’m aiming to finally go 10-spd I figured I might as well try out tubeless. Add to that the fact they are supposed to give a more comfortable ride, this is a good selling point for someone with a dodgy back and a super-stiff carbon frame

    The MTB project involves a full-suspension 29er, 2×10 gearing, Fiziks new MTB bar grip and any other stuff that is a new as can be and needs investigating.

  2. bikeboy

    I’d love to see a tire manufacturer come out with a tubular tire that offers the puncture-resistance of Specialized’s Armadillo. That would breathe new life into a whole bunch of wheels I can’t being myself to use anymore!

    What I most look forward to from Interbike are the from-out-of-left-field, completely unexpected products that make you just stop and go “wow. I wish I’d thought of that!”

  3. souleur

    Souleur would love to see what Cervelo is bringing to us, what the tubeless road market is looking like and the Fizik shoes make me drool.

  4. Champs

    It sounds like the world really is ready for more $500 shoes and $5,000 wheelsets.

    By Interbike, there won’t be much to announce. The remarkable stuff will mostly come from little firms that only had the budget for one big show.

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