The Route des Grandes Alpes: the Maps

The Barcelonette loop ride over the Col d’Allos, Col de Champs and Col de la Cayolle.

As I mentioned in my post The Void, I wouldn’t ordinarily publish each of the routes for a given tour. Travel companies don’t have a boatload of intellectual property and the specific routes they use often feature often feature a stop here or a back road there that makes the riding more enjoyable. However, most of folks won’t get the chance to ride this tour with Erickson Cycle Tours, so publishing the routes won’t actually hurt their business.

Now that I’ve had a chance to quantify my fatigue I’ve created links to each of the routes we rode in sort-of following the Route des Grandes Alpes from Geneva to Nice. While the particulars of my speed and the duration of my rides aren’t particularly accurate (or interesting), I suspect that some of you may be as nutty for maps as I am and might enjoy these.

8/2/2010—Ferney-Voltaire to Cluses: 73 miles, 6850 feet ascent

8/3/2010—Cluses to Albertville: 63 miles, 8297 feet ascent

8/4/2010—Col de la Madeleine Loop: 55 miles, 5676 feet ascent

8/5/2010—Albertville to Val d’Isere: 69 miles, 11273 feet ascent

8/6/2010—Val d’Isere to Valloire: 65 miles, 6106 feet ascent

8/7/2010—Valloire to St. Veran: 63 miles, 9760 feet ascent

8/9/2010—Col d’Agnel Loop: 27 miles, 4091 feet ascent

8/10/2010—St. Veran to Barcelonette: 78 miles, 8717 feet ascent

8/11/2010—Barcelonette Loop: 75 miles, 10420 feet ascent

8/12/2010—Barcelonette to Valberg: 47 miles, 6903 feet ascent

8/13/2010—Valberg to Sospel: 67 miles, 7733 feet ascent

8/14/2010—Sospel to Vence: 45 miles, 5492 feet ascent

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  3. James

    Very cool, though my legs ache just looking at some of these routes and the idea of riding these day after day… You have much to be proud of!

  4. Rob

    This area around Barcelonnette is one of my favorites in France. I spent a week there with Ride Strong Bike Tours cycling the Ubaye Valley, and was amazed by the killer climbs and traffic-free roads. Definitely planning to return to the Maritime Alps again soon!

    1. Author

      Rob: Given your background as the director of San Diego’s Gran Fondo Colnago, I’d say you knew a thing or two about big rides before you ever got to the Ubaye Valley. Glad to hear you enjoyed it as much as I did. I suspect I could spend a week there and not tire of it. I wish you a speedy return.

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