Guest Post from My 16-Year-Old Son

A Note from Fatty: I’m traveling for business (because I am a very, very important businessman) and am needed at very important (but not as important as me) places. So I’m turning my blog over to my 16-year-old son, who has been working on an animated short film.

Oh hello there my friends. Do you guys remember me? I made that wheelie game way back when, along with those fat cyclist/bob cartoons (here and here). Now, I think I want to show you all something new that I’ve made!

Well, basically, I’ve decided to make a fun new cartoon series! This time, I’ve dropped the primitive style I’ve used before, and now I’m giving everything I’ve got to make a nice visual feel to the cartoons. Also, I intend to make it an episodic series. With PLOT and SUSPENSE and the like! What fun!

Voice actors include me, my good pal BouncyTEM, and a few of my friends from school. Also, the previously mentioned BouncyTEM is also pretty much the guy I go to for finding sound effects and music and the like. So thanks to him and the others for their help.

Uh, a little on the background. The idea here is to have you learn about the surroundings as the cartoon progresses, but I’ll explain a little bit. Our characters here, Shadow and Nyjole are hanging around in the badlands area that’s pretty near their homes, somewhat bored. It’s a desolate area, which makes things especially surprising when their peaceful, boring evening is disrupted by three obvious troublemakers! Oh, the excitement!

So I’ve got two cartoons finished currently. I kind of want to get working on the next one, but one or two of my voice actors are hard to reach over the summer. I’ll see what I can do, and if all else fails, I’ll just get them to do voices for lots of the next cartoons once school starts, or get new voice actors if I really have to. I work slow, but I deliver!

Part 1

Part 2

Welp, hope these things provide some entertainment. Court will be adjourned indefinitely!

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