FGR #25 Wrap

You guys astound me. You floor me. I mean, really. I write a Group Ride soliciting comments about your favorite pair of sweaty, old gloves or a pair of shorts that doesn’t bind or chafe. And what do you do? You give me stuff like this:

Clarity. After a certain amount of miles the head clears and non-bike world again becomes manageable. Work (the work that pays the bills) is a reasonable task instead of a chore. Miles on the bike give me the best accessory, a life. – Erik

OK, so that totally fails the test in that life is not an actual accessory. If it was we’d all have one, and let’s be honest, most of us don’t.

Along the same lines, there was this:

What I love about cycling that is-not-the-bike is the fatigue of the legs and the lightness of being after a long and hard ride. All my everyday worries and problems are gone for that moment. What else there is to like? Kids cheering at the roadside and and bad Belgian roads. Really the worse they get the more pai…fun it is. – Cthulu

I liked WVCycling’s bit about fresh pavement too. Here in New England, where the winter turns our black top into a total freaking moonscape every year, fresh paving is a gift from the cycling gods, and of course the Department of Public Works.

And of course, Soleur is always good for something like this:

Whats to like not-the-bike…..
-the summer sun rising off the east horizon
-the effortless spin in summer, as the bitterness of winter is all gone
-the dogs that chase me, that are smiling, and we race to the corner each morning
-how the k’s just roll over and over and over, instead of slowly ticking one by one
-sounds of nothing
-long and late evening rides where the wind dies down, kids are playing, and life is abundant around as you spin through a neighborhood
-the salt on the bibs and feel of the unzipped jersey
-girls that yell out the window sexy..sexy, then mention ‘its an ole man’
-everyone not-the-bike asking if your gonna ride in ‘the tour’

You know, I’m a sucker for all that philosophical crap. I really, really am. I even have a degree in philosophy, just to prove how very serious and intellectual I am. And I’m grateful to you guys for making the Group Ride so much fun. But, like I said before, you all failed. The rest of you, the ones who mentioned saddles and embro and arm warmers and pedals and shoes and power meters, you got back to the parking lot first (that’s how you win a Group Ride, right?).

The bad news is, you’re all sweaty and you neglected to stop and drink an espresso at the turn around or a beer at the top of the climb. You’re fast, and you’re legs smell nice, but…next time, boys. Next time.

Image: Bibliotheque Nationale de France

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  1. nrs5000

    First comes the lactic, then come the endorphins. Cycling’s answer to the progressive/regressive method. Having tried both I recommend the former. Of course Sartre was too busy smoking Gauloises at the cafe to have ever stomped on a pedal in anger.

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  3. SinglespeedJarv

    I told, you. I don’t “do” kit. I guess a nice pair of shoes never goes amiss, but at the moment I don’t have a nice pair of shoes. There is nothing special I need to ride, or anything I miss when riding. But whatever I do wear or use, has to be “just so”. If I’m not comfortable then I’m not a happy rider.

  4. Erik

    Fine. Fine. The little tiny bike trailer hitch, heavy steel, mounted to the carbon chainstay, that attaches my toddler trailer to my bike, so she can enjoy the ride and I can get the looks from other riders about all the extra weight (at least not all the extra weight on me) I’m hauling up hill.

    Or maybe its my Molteni cap that I bought at a certain velodrome near the French / Belgian border a few Aprils ago.

    I’m also fond of an old Vetta saddle my aunt and uncle gave me for my birthday when I was 12.

    Is that better?

    Next time I’ll study harder. I promise. I sure wish my mom hadn’t thrown out all my Winning magazines from when I was a kid.

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