The RKP Kit Arrives

Okay, I’m just going to level with you: My sense of timing is lousy (said the former drummer). I didn’t flash on the T-shirt concept that StageOne developed into a cotton masterpiece until, um, March. I’m finishing a book for entry-level riders right now, if only for the reason that it was supposed to be finished … before now.

I’ve been stuffing boxes like crazy, now that the last of the RKP kit has arrived. If you’re among the readers waiting on bibs or a vest, I can say it’ll be there soon. And when the Roubaix T-shirts arrive next week things will get even weirder.

In a surprising happy accident, Panache produced some bibs for us that were black and white—no blue in them. Because they will go well with almost any jersey (unlike the blue/black and white bibs), I’ll be selling those individually.

So I hope you understand when I say that at some point in the not too distant future I’ll get the RKP kit up on the store so you can order it piece by piece on your own—and why it’s not up there already. For now, you’ll get quicker, more satisfying service if you just drop me a note with what you’d like to order.

In the meantime, all I’d really like to do is write about my favorite edition of the Tour of Flanders.

The pieces available and pricing:

Jersey with blue bibs—$235

Black bibs—$125


Arm warmers—$35

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    1. Author

      SinglespeedJarv: A vest is what Yanks call a gilet.

      Thanks for the good words. It gets more compliments than any other kit I’ve ever worn, and I’ve worn some gorgeous kits. StageOne is pretty amazing when it comes to design and Panache did a nice job with execution.

    1. Author

      Dan: The grayer blue was cool but we couldn’t get a lycra for the shorts that was quite that gray. So we went with something a touch richer and then Panache did a truly amazing job of matching the blue in the jersey to the shorts. Our first priority was to have the shorts and jersey match perfectly. They did a better job than anyone else I’ve worked with. It’s still a unique blue in the peloton. Thanks for the good words; I’m working with the best jersey designer going.

  1. C.Monaco

    Very strong kit. Congratulations for being the father of such a beaut! Wish I could afford one, I’d love to tout your colors.

  2. Matt

    Having no experience with Panache Cyclewear, can someone confirm that the blue is fully opaque under all conditions?

    1. Author

      Matt: I ride with a bunch of guys who tolerate no crack. The blue is FULLY opaque. That said, If you’d like to pair the jersey with black bibs, I can do that. I will be doing a run of just jerseys soon. Very soon in fact. These current sales are fueling the next order.

  3. SinglespeedJarv

    I’ll wait for the next order. Although even then there is little chance the exchange rate will have improved, or that I’ll be able to ride a bike. So justifying said expense to the wife might be tricky for a while.

  4. Andy.O

    Hey! Next time the shorts and bibs go up, I’ll definitely order the combo with the all black shorts.

    Padraig: Given your experience, what brand of jersey and bibs would you say YOUR Rkp kit mimics the most in fit/cut? Also, assuming that’s you in the first pic, what sizes are you using?

    I’d like to know the most I can before I go for it. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Andy.O: Well, yes, that’s me in the photo. Here’s what I’m wearing: a small jersey, small armwarmers and large bibs. Yes, I have a fat ass. Spinal Tap’s “Big Bottom” was, in fact, written for me.

      My take on sizing is that for anyone familiar with the common custom lines available here in the States—Capo, Voler, Sugoi and Louis Garneau, for instance—the jerseys and arm warmers run true. If you’re a small Capo jersey, you’ll be a small Panache jersey. However, the bibs run rather Euro. I’m ordinarily a medium bib in all those manufacturers but with Panache, I definitely needed the large.

      When you’re in the mood to order, just drop me a note at

  5. Trace

    What is the total number of the kits you finished with this year? Just curious how exclusive these rad kits are. Black actually looks great but can’t wait for the blue bibs.

    1. Author

      Trace: We produced about 3 dozen kits initially. I’m in the middle of reordering a bunch of jerseys, arm warmers and knee warmers. It won’t last much longer.

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