IMG_0768.jpgTomorrow’s the race. To my surprise, I am not at all nervous.

No, I’m just kidding. I’m a huge bundle of nerves. But, amazingly, not quite as bad as yesterday morning.

Here’s why.

When we got into town, The Runner and I went to the Sand Hollow Reservoir, put on our wetsuits, and waded into the 58-degree water, as light rain and a few snowflakes fell around us. We then proceeded to go on a twenty-minute swim.

And it wasn’t bad.

Sure, my hands, feet, and face got cold, but tolerably so. And thanks to the neoprene swim caps I bought for us earlier this week (recommended by Lynette, an experienced triathlete friend of The Runners), my head wasn’t cold.

And all that insulation in the Aquasphere wetsuits that make swimming in a pool so unbearable? Well, that insulation makes swimming in cold open water amazingly good. As in, my arms, legs, and trunk were all perfectly comfortable.

After swimming for just a few minutes I found that I tend to pull to the left. That was easily corrected; I started thinking in terms of always swimming in a slight arc to the right and I wound up going dead straight. I sight every fifteen strokes or so, and am pretty much having to do no correcting at all.

So: I’m still a little freaked out about this race. But not as freaked out.

This time tomorrow, I’ll be in the water. Starting my race.

And somehow, typing that makes it seem more real, and suddenly I have a real need to go take a poop.

Follow The Runner and Me, and Say Hi

I now know both The Runner’s and my race numbers:

  • The Runner (Lisa Rollins): 405
  • Me (Elden Nelson): 1607

So tomorrow, go to to follow our progress. If I understand correctly, you can even type in a message of support to us there, which we’ll be able to see during the run. And that would be pretty cool to see. I’m guessing we’ll both be needing some support by then.

Tomorrow’s the big day.

And typing that makes me need to put my head between my knees and breathe deeply, to keep from passing out.

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