As a Famous Cycling Blogger, My Life Is Always Quite Glamourous

People often ask me, “Elden, how do you find time to write your blog every day? Especially since you are very handsome and famous and have several hundred 8×10 glossy photos to be autographed and mailed out each day.”

Well, what they actually say is, “You have waaaay too much time on your hands,” but I am quite sure that what they really mean is what I have written in the above paragraph.

So: Let me give you a little peek into the very chic and glamourous life I lead, which will also serve to explain why I am writing this post today.

When I Write

What many people don’t realize is that — even though I am very famous and beloved by millions (or, possibly, by fifteen people who clear their cache and reload the page quite frequently — I don’t pay much attention to stats), I still have a full-time job.

That’s right, the blog does not make enough money for me to live on. However, it now pays for my monthly electric bill and my internet service, so things are looking up.

So I generally have two opportunities to write during the day. The first comes early in the morning — I get up around five or so, and work on this blog ’til 6:30, at which point it’s time for me to get the kids moving and off to school.

Sometimes I’ve finished writing my post for the day, sometimes I haven’t — in fact, sometimes I’ve barely started, re-started, discarded the re-start, and then gone back to my original idea or resorted to working on an abandoned post I had given up on during a previous writing session.

If I haven’t finished writing, I have a second chance: lunch hour, during work.

I also generally have a third chance: I can write instead of ride, during whatever riding window I have available during the day (this window is different on different days). But I do not like to use this third chance; if I choose to write about riding instead of getting out and riding, something feels seriously messed up with my priorities.

My Surprisingly Glamourous Life

Today, though, things didn’t go so perfectly for my blog. I had a 5:30am meeting, wherein I mostly listened to other people talk about a position I might be suited for in the newly-acquired company.

Since I hope to remain employed, I found this discussion deeply interesting.

That pretty much took care of my early morning writing time.

Then, upon waking, one of the twins told me she was sick, complaining of a headache and a cough. And she had a fever. Since these are the identical symptoms two of my other kids have — within the past couple weeks — started with a day or two before being diagnosed with Strep, I connected the dots and kept her home, setting up a doctor appointment during my lunch hour for a Strep test.

She does not, by the way, have Strep. Instead, she has what I like to call “a common cold.”

There. Just like that. My two chances to write. Gone.

Almost as if I were subject to the normal interruptions and problems of you normal people.

PS: I did find fifteen minutes to write this whiney little post, though, didn’t I?

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