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I shot this image high in the Pyrenees to the south of St. Lary Soulan. The road was just better than chip and seal and steep—more than 13 percent—for several kilometers. The turns were engineered in lovely, even radii, but were as frequent as stoplights in Manhattan; one set of switchbacks soared above us as we climbed, evoking the ramparts of a hilltop citadel.

The road leads to Lac de Cap de Long and isn’t something most riders will take the time to explore as it isn’t used in the Tour. It was, however, one of the prettiest climbs I’ve done in the Pyrenees. The long horizontal slash just above the rider’s head is the road as it continues down at a less vertiginous nine percent. There’s a little café at the top of the road, right on the bank of the lake. Lunch there was one of the unexpected delights of the Pyrenees.

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  1. Ray Akamuri

    I was doing random Google searches with a vague idea of riding in India if and when I go there on vacation next year and came across this link. Yikes! A UCI promoted event with a prize money over $50,000 US dollars with two pro tour teams including riders like Stuart O’Grady, Jaan Kirispu and members of the Australian national team among other teams, all for a distance of 100km. Even Eddy Merckx is going to be there. Anyhow, thought this might be of interest to you, vis a vis the globalization of cycling.

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