FGR #9 Wrap

Qatar rhymes with afar, which is where it is. The Tour of this tiny, wealthy, Arab emirate has slowly but surely planted itself on the ProTour calendar as an early season race worth watching, if for no other reason than to see the guys who didn’t ride in the Tour Down Under for the first time in the new year.

The question was, does the Tour of Qatar mean anything, or is it merely a warm-up for the stürm und drang of the spring? The answer you folks seem to have come up with is: yes. Both. For some it’s a way to put miles under wheels in preparation for the real races. For others, it’s the first chance to notch up wins. While some whiled away their time in the pack, chatting and acclimating to the flow of the peloton again, others sprinted in real anger, storming for the sandy line like it was the last chicken wing on the buffet.

Small teams, like GC winners Vacansoleil, have to take their wins where they can get them, and this registers as a big win for them. The sprinters who aren’t named Cavendish or Greipel took every stage, bar the opening TTT, as a chance to get their trains sorted out and their final bursts in order. Do NOT tell me that Tyler Farrar wasn’t disappointed not to take a stage. Do NOT tell me that Tom Boonen was just toying with his opposition like so many mice on the doorstep.

And so it’s a real race, for some, if not for others, but other than the Tour and Worlds, what real race is not?

Image: John Pierce, Photosport International

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  1. Steve

    Qatar actually rhymes with gutter, so maybe you should’ve written “Qatar rhymes with gutter, which is where most of the peloton ends up in this race…”


  2. Michael

    I thought Team Sky rhymes with gutter…what was that I mentioned about Cervelo storing some anger? The was some sweet payback today in Oman!

    Nice to see the big boys teach a lesson to a team that should have known better. None of that ever would have happened if Michael Barry was there to run the chase show!

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