Rain. Snow. Sand. Mud. The average road bike wasn’t really designed to be used in such conditions. But we’ve been there.

I began asking myself a question: What would Eddy do? The answer was easy.

Eddy would keep pedaling.


  1. Souleur

    The average road bike wasn’t really designed to be used in such conditions…or was it? Perhaps, just perhaps the bike is by design the perfect machine, with pilots that are of a weaker denomination. With temps dipping below zero, windchill this manana was -25*, I found myself of the lesser sort.

  2. Robot

    I think a bike will go where you ride it. I think Eddie would ride it. And even more than Eddie, who had so many technological advantages over his forebears, I think of Henri Desgranges, that sadist of sporting legend. What would Henri do? Or Hannibal Lecter for that matter.

    1. Author

      Florian: It occurred to me upon posting that there’s a T-shirt in that somewhere. I think I have just the artist for just the treatment. Stay tuned.

      George, Pascal, Matty O and Domestique: Word.

      Matt: I know the saying and that was on my mind as I wrote.

      Robot: Henri would add another climb.

  3. Dan O

    Eddy would ride.

    His old school bike also sported slightly fatter tires and bit more mud clearance then the modern carbon fiber wonder bike.

    A lesson for us all?

  4. MattS

    Yeah, I think Eddy would just go for it.

    I’d like to hear the story that goes with this photo. From what we see, it looks like average bikes were not the order of the day, unless we’re talking average pre short-reach brakes. That ride looks like it calls for the kind of bike Competitive Cyclist called the ‘bike of the year’ for 2009 – one with clearance for big tires and fenders. ‘Real world bike,’ they called it. That’s how we like to roll up here, all-road all the way. Its nice when the bike isn’t the limiting factor… perhaps some prefer it to be.

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