Friday Group Ride #3

The UCI made the wrong choice on the Pursuit. What do you want to see them get right?

Yeah. New Year’s resolutions. It seems so obvious. What else would we ask about? Let’s try to make it interesting though. What we want to hear this week is both what your personal cycling resolutions are (mileage for the year, climbing better, completing a double century), but also what one resolution you would make for the UCI to make pro racing better.

So let’s have it. Give us your goals, and set one for the sport. Try to be practical. Or don’t. It’s dreaming time.

2010 stretches our before us, a blank canvas. Let’s paint it.

Image: John Pierce, Photosport International.

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  1. Craig

    24 solo
    Finish the crocodile trophy (1200km hard-man off-road stage race in the Australian desert)
    18,000km on the roadbike (~12,000 mi for the metrically challenged)
    more hills, more fast, more strong.

    For the UCI: Make 24 solo MTB a proper world championship – if cycleball can qualify for a few stars and stripes jerseys, surely this now established discipline can too.

  2. Marco Placero

    Place top ten in my four target road races here in Northern California, do well in the remaining.

    UCI: Try banning radios only on mountain stages.

  3. Touriste-Routier

    UCI- Adopt and follow clear cut procedures with WADA (and their affiliates) so that there are clear cut (and uniform) procedures, standards, scientific method, due process, and rules of evidence. Stop treating allegations and investigations as if they were convictions. Adopt some sort of amnesty program, so that there is an incentive to come clean about prior transgressions; if you want to clean house you need to remove the skeletons from the closet.

  4. souleur

    Personally: top 10 our local state Masters category listing by the end of next year, and click off 10k miles.

    UCI: I think the recent blood chemistry passport was a good concept, and a more uniform plan of implementation of this for all teams is a must and follow it annually, continually, for a career if you will. I agree w/Touriste-Routier in that standards must be set for investigation and conviction.

    Here is my pie in the sky, personally, I believe in surrounding yourself with the best, the most scholarly, the academics, the pro’s, and build relationships, working together for a common goal and purpose. Everyone is benefited in such mutualism. Cycling has not let go of interests of national interest, team interest, & personal interest. In such becoming objective, surrounding the UCI with friends seems almost counterintuitive for them, like they have exclusivity, and such myopia is blinding them in their effort. So I would call them to be less egocentric, call on friends and family in their community and work together to obliterate dope. I often have wondered why the International Olympic Committee (IOC) isn’t utilized more…ok, I realize why, but it just makes sense to me to form friendships, use the technology, share and build. Share the research w/WADA, share it w/IOC, open communication lines, then implement them as mentioned above. Now, that is pie in the sky.

  5. taz

    personal resolutions: increase mileage 25%, drop 15 lbs by June (lost 35 and increased 25% in ’09, so doable).

    UCI: ban race radios or In-car TVs (OR both) for classics and 1 week tours. If successful, extend to full grand tours.

  6. dvgmacdonald

    On a personal level, I need to get back out there. Work killed my cycling year with lots of travel & 16 hour days. I want to drop the 20 lbs. I gained in ’09 and complete at least 2 centuries (one a double metric).

    On a global level, I’d like to see the UCI get in better touch with the cycling public. I don’t think any of us understand what’s going on up there, and I don’t think they understand what we want from them. Healthy sports seem to me to be better integrated from top to bottom.

    Pie in the sky, I’d love to see somebody come up with a reliable test for autologous blood doping. Then we’d really get to see what clean racing looked like.

  7. Michael

    Climb Mt. Baker in 1:30 or less (PB is currently 1:37, so i think it is doable)
    Try a stage race for the 1st time
    Make it down to the King Ridge Granfondo

    As for the UCI, i’d hope they have the cojones to actually enforce the radio ban all the way up to the Pro Tour level, and I hope that ASO will follow suit and not punk out during the Tour.

  8. randomactsofcycling

    Personally, I would like to lose the remaining 10kgs (22pds) to get to my goal weight and make the time to finish the bike I am building for myself.
    The UCI needs to drop the arbitrary minimum weight limit for road bicycles and begin to treat Professional Teams in a more professional manner. This applies to technical regulations (and their enforcement) in addition to the whole drug testing/result confidentiality fiascos. Materials used in bicycle design now render many technical regulations redundant or at least pre-historic (the ‘aero tubing rule’).

  9. Norm of Brooklyn

    My resolution: 25×25 (ITT 25 miles @ 25mph).

    UCI: how about a goal of zero podium slips this year? And a stretch goal of no flubbed bubbly uncorkings.

  10. MattS

    Personal: lose at least 5lbs and keep it off; 10k kms (not including commuting ks); ride early mornings; have one of our team-members in the top three at Battenkill (Masters 30); win two team 24hr races, ensure my team-mates have a great time at D2R2, run awesome events; ride 300k in one day; top three consistently in ‘cross; and most importantly, be a better father and husband despite all this. These are the things that motivate me on the trainer.

    UCI: Lobby for the addition of cyclocross into the winter Olympics. Yes, the Olympics are pretty slimy these days; perhaps they should be renamed the Colympics (Coke + Olympics). Nevertheless, I’d love to see cyclocross showcased at that scale.

  11. Darren

    2010 season goals (39 y/o cat 4 road racer in Philadelphia, PA area). 1) win a criterium (stretch…5th pace best so far so I could SEE the person winning at least), 2) hang in Cheyney Challenge (road race with big hill), 3) 20 min test of 300 watts (2009= 270 best at 160 lbs). AND maintain a better perspective, keep my spouse and son #1 (they are), and find life/work balance (a stretch!).

    UCI. I don’t have as sophisticated an overview as those above. Sure autologous blood test, like the radio ban (allow smarter athletes to triumph over stronger ones sometimes and add excitement/uncertainty more). I don’t like lifetime ban….do we really trust these labs/tests that much? Seems like the death penalty. Most of all, I’m tired of getting sucked into the excitement of the pro TdF and other races and then having the doping thing hit. Since it doesn’t seem like we’ll be moving towards a “anything goes” ethos anytime soon, then yes let’s step up the testing and get rid of the ‘podium slips.’

  12. Adam

    Be less passive and more pro-active in races to steer them to the plot line that suits me and my team best.

    I’d like to see the UCI evaluate the points system for teams qualifying for the World Championships. It’s not really a race if some teams can have 3x as many riders as others.

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