2010 Bloggies

We’re flattered to report that RKP has been nominated for the 2010 Bloggies, the annual awards given to blogs found on the Interwebs. And being the complete attention hounds that we are, we figured we shouldn’t let an opportunity like this escape, at least, not without a little P.T. Barnum-style self-promotion.

So we’ve been nominated in two categories: best new blog of 2010 and best sports blog. The voting process is actually called “nomination.” You can vote for us in both the above categories, but because you must nominate three blogs, we suggest you also nominate “All Hail the Black Market,” our personal fave of blogs that winked into existence in 2009.

Nominations will be taken through January 12, and can be made here:


As with other Blam-O products, tell your friends, kids!

Whether we win, lose, or are laughed out of the room, thanks for reading.



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