Job Review: Lance Armstrong (Humor)

It seems that dumpster diving isn’t just for TMZ and freegans anymore. Da Robot happened to be passing by a locked recycling bin contained within a password protected-room in a building surrounded by razor wire on the grounds of the heavily guarded Radio Shack corporate offices when he ran across this little memo. Funny what turns up when you least expect it.—Padraig


Download the full PDF here: livestrong1


  1. Fausto

    Did your Public Stratagies contact send that to you?

    Good to know Lance will save cycling from the damage caused by Doctors like Ferrari.

  2. pjn


    10 minutes?


    It must not have been funny because you have a reading disability and missed all the good stuff.

    You may think about contacting your neighborhood junior high’s reading lab and see if they can help you out.

    Either that or try to find your sense of humor; you may have lost it.


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