Friday Group Ride #2

Welcome to the Christmas Ride here on RKP. As a special gift, we’ll not point out that, rather than logging on here for your Xmas time bike fix, you ought to be paying more attention to your kids/wife/husband/parents/girlfriend/boyfriend/dog/cat/goldfish. We’ll just get on with the business of expressing obscure opinions on obscure topics.

This week’s question:

What bicycle-related items did you find under your tree? And why are they there?



  1. Christopher

    oddly enough all i found bike related under the tree was an ornament that looks very similar to my real road bike. cash from relatives can and will be used to get bike gear though

  2. hida yanra

    There weren’t items under the tree – but I did finish building-up a new commuter bike.

    It was there because I finally took the time to do it this morning.

  3. Aaron Smith

    Nothing under the tree, as I was unable to make it home due to the massive amounts of snow we got here in Minneapolis, MN these last few days.

    BUT: Money has been wired in lieu of presents which will serve to either purchase a Giro Ionos or my first pair of Radars as well as my first club membership.

    Hope everyone got to spend Christmas with their families this year 🙂

  4. Trev

    Got a cycling book, arm warmers, Wool Jersey, new Helmet (so I can throw out my Ionos) a new set of Rudy Project glasses ( got it early as our benefit plan paid 80% of the helmet) and a Tag Heuer Formula 1. Also got non cycling stuff…..can’t remember though….

  5. flahute

    The Campy book. I’ve spent as much time in it as my daughter has on the Nintendo DS she got. The Coppi/Roubaix sidebar is brilliant.

  6. Adam

    What: Specialized BG-S Works Road Shoe in White
    Why: Because my girlfriend loves me and has given up trying to understand the logic of PRO and now just asks me what’s cool this year.

  7. souleur

    Well, I got a coffee cup w/’I do my own tricks’ as the stick man is doing an endo (as we/I will do yet again next year)…and some espresso roast for pre ride preparations. I have gotten to the point in my cycling life that I prefer to buy my own presents since italian threaded items and sizing is soooooo important, and usually missed by my loving wife.

  8. Marco Placero

    (1) Helped finance a race team sponsorship. (2) Donating used and unused cycling equipment to youth cycling development club– getting their nonprofit status soon– for their sales in order to generate support money.

  9. Lachlan

    Rotor 120 stem.
    … my 130 FSA was now too long a reach with 7900 levers on it this year. It was also way too heavy, and not low enough. So a whole extra 1.5 degrees decline on the Rotor stems (7.5 vs 6) That should make all the difference! ;+)

    Rapha merino fixed top.
    For staying warm off the bike, and commuting without looking too ‘cyclist’.

  10. Michael

    75 Years of Campagnolo book, as well as a copy of Road to Roubaix and a retro-wool Molteni long sleeve Jersey for trainer sessions in my un-heated, frigid garage whic are due to commence in late-January

  11. MattS

    I received a few very thoughtful cycling related gifts from my family this year. My wife ordered velopress’s Paris Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell. I would not have thought to ask for it; I don’t ask for anything. I remember reading about it when it came out and thinking to myself that I’d love it. My wife knows me well. This is certainly one of my best ever Christmas gifts.

    My wife also gave me a pair of Smartwool ski socks for my winter riding. She’d have got me winter shoes if that were remotely possible. She is well aware of my frozen foot issues!

    My mother-in-law gave me a Leatherman. Funny, since my wife gave me a smaller model for my birthday in November. Now I’m all set for mtb rides short and loooooong. Awesome.

    My best gift came from my daughter. She created a watercolour painting of me standing with my bike just past the finish line of a cyclocross race with fireworks going off above my head, her and my wife standing cheering from the other side of the course take. I’ve just won the race! This painting demonstrates that my daughter understands and appreciates my love for cycling, and feels good about being a part of it, albeit in a support role, for now (she’s going on 5. What a gift.

  12. Darren

    Nothing cycling related this year…my spouse is trying to not feed my addiction (and like others I buy plenty of stuff on my own, and it’s hard to buy specific stuff for us since we are so opinionated etc).. However in a recent prior year I received a small bike hook for hanging my commuter on the wall, with permission to hang it in the dining room of our modest city apt in Philly (the only ground floor spot possible). I had been either slogging it down/up from the basement (it’s 30+ lbs and awkward) or storing outside where it was getting too much weather even with bike cover (front or back of house) or vandalized (front of house). Anyhow I love how getting that hook as a present signified her acceptance of bikes in the house, and in a larger sense my cycling. I didn’t feel too much of a pang from the ‘ought to be paying more attention to (others)’ thing since waiting ’till the 26th to log in!

  13. Dan O

    No new bike goodies for me, but I don’t mind…..

    Set of Magicshine lights for my 10 year old son did appear under the tree. Will be cool to see him experience his first night mountain bike ride.

    My 6 year old daughter finally lost the training wheels over the Christmas break. Fun stuff.

  14. RPB2

    ibike GT to pair with my Garmin Edge 705. Already went out with it–awesome way to measure power for $300!

    Also a credit from my wife and daughter for a few bike races. As someone said above, like being sponsored, but better.

    Happy Holidays and have a safe 2010.

  15. Gizmo

    Neuvation C50 tubular front wheel, extra special because it was from my dad, whose stories of touring New England on an old Kabuki in the 70’s got me into racing, and who I have since had the pleasure of reintroducing to cycling some thirty years later.

  16. nathan

    Polar insulated Water bottle because I’m sick of my water getting too cold during the winter and too warm in the summer, new gloves after the last pair were eaten by the pavement, new riding tights for the chilly day that can make riding painful, and ski goggles for riding in the winter. I found out that my sight goes really blurry when it is 30 degrees or colder. These should alleviate that. All together I’ll be one comfortable but goofy looking cyclist moving down the road.

  17. db

    Oh man, good year for the bike. Mike Barry’s “Inside the Postal Bus”, socks and water bottle from Cars R Coffins, an LED spoke light for the commute, and a big tool chest for the growing mass of bike tools and parts.

    And my recovery snack: coffee and peanut M&Ms.

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