A Jersey With a Message


There are a great many of us who have something to say to the cars that pass us as we ride. “Come a little closer, would ya?” or “Not like I’m a person or anything,” are two of my personal favorites. Muttering under our breath or even a little above it can help let off some steam and isn’t likely to cause problems, that is, unless your muttering happens to occur at a stop light and the passenger window of the car you are muttering about is down.

Let it be said that many of us would do well to say less. Certainly, I’m among them. I could say a lot less.

A dozen years ago I wrote about a jersey that a guy was selling that said simply, “Pass.” The word was contained within an illustration of a yellow diamond caution sign and featured an arrow that pointed to the left. Effective really only if you are riding where all the cars have left-hand drive.

A friend forwarded me a link to a new site that sells jerseys that communicate in very concrete terms a variety of messages to passing cars. This has the added charm of a bit of attitude. It might make some drivers laugh; one can hope.

And in case you think you can think of something funnier to put on the back of the jersey, they have a contest. I suggested “Don’t hit me bro!” and “Not a speed bump.”

You can check out jerseys from Share the Damn Road here.


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  3. lachlan

    from my memory of the driving public when I was living in the US… many of who would occassionally try and either verbally harass you or simply cut into you simply for being on the road not a bike path… I rather suspect this jersey is likely to provoke every redneck Dodge RAM driver to start a fight with you.

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