The RKP Kit

Joe Yule is a riding buddy and graphic designer whose work you are familiar with, even if you’ve never ridden in Southern California. He is best known as the designer behind Team Garmin. From the team kits to the national champion jerseys, the vehicles, the web site, the bottles, the T-shirts … you name it, Joe is Jonathan Vaughters’ go-to for cycling style.

Joe is the man behind the amazing RKP logo and is my personal litmus paper for all design ideas.

Joe also happens to have a fledgling apparel operation called Stage 1. I’m a sucker for a good looking kit, so I asked Joe if he’d carve a bit of time out of his busy schedule to do something for RKP. Above is the result.

The clothing will be produced by Panache Cyclewear out of Boulder. I’ve been very impressed with the quality of their clothing as well as its value.

If you’re interested in ordering a kit, drop us a note.


    1. Author

      Here are the retail prices:
      Jersey and Bibs $235.00
      Arm Warmers $35.00
      Wind Vest $115.00
      Knee Warmers $35.00

      Drop an e-mail for more info.

    1. Author

      Deej: As a matter of fact, it does say “THE END IS NEAR!” Says it on one arm warmer as well, while the others says, “DIG DEEP.”

      Just having a little fun with that final K. Coming soon to a T-shirt near you.

  1. Andy O

    As a full time designer, its refreshing to see a well designed kit out there. There’s very few cycling related garnments (IMO) that have a unique and clear voice if you look at the competition with a critical eye.

    The price is a tad steep but it seems to faithfully represent the quality work behind this website. Very interested. Cheers!

    P.s. What style chamois will be in the bibs?

    1. Author

      Thanks for the great feedback everyone. I’m glad to hear you’re digging the design.

      On the pricing: I’ve tried to make the clothing a good value without sacrificing anything in fit or quality. I’ve been researching custom clothing recently for my team’s order and Panache strikes me as one of the best values for the quality.

      The chamois is by Cytech. It’s the same chamois used in all the DeMarchi clothing that many of the top Italian teams wear. Panache only specs one pad and it’s the best pad Cytech makes. The bibs also feature a lot of power Lycra for added support and superior fit.

  2. Deej

    “As a matter of fact, it does say “THE END IS NEAR!””

    Ha! I like it. I just hope it doesn’t jinx me when I’m bunny-hopping wet manhole covers at 65kph!


  3. brett

    go panache! a while back i ordered some panache kit and have been very pleased by the garments. one thing that pleases me even more was the level of customer support and service. all around great company to do business with and i would most certainly recommend panache to anyone looking for new kit.

  4. Adam

    Interested. When you have the kit though, could you possibly take a photo of some one wearing it on a bike and post it here? I always find them difficult to envision otherwise.

    1. Author

      Redhed: Yes, different monitors can represent that color in, shall we say, unique ways. The color, once sublimated into the material, will be the duck egg blue that you see in the Belgian national team kits when they are at the world championships. It’s a gorgeous, saturated blue that conjures unforgettable skies and 200k days.

  5. StageOne Sports

    Wow, thanks RKP peeps. I had a great time design’n the logo and the kit. NOTE: If you wear this out there on the road… please keep you head down and go as hard as you possibly can at ALL times! (and pray)
    thanks Padraig

  6. Marco Placero

    My boys can’t stop ravin’ about the top-line Cytech pad, on par with Assos or Rapha, so adding ultra wow Padraig inspired race styling with a high zoot chamois will make this kit a taint pleaser both inside and outside (yours inside, hers outside). Assos or Rapha don’t have race styling, this does, ergo Winner. I’ll probably fork it over even though I just bought an Il Borghetto de Andrea Tafi kit by Pissei from a gentleman that runs a very classy ciclotuiristica operation in Lamporeccio. Wish I could swing those Nemesis hoops with Campy hubs too. . .

    1. Author

      Thanks for the great compliments on the kit design everyone. Joe is a busy guy and it’s tough to get on his dance ticket, but it is worth the wait. Like you, I can’t wait to wear it!

      Robert: Funny you should mention it …

  7. Cat

    Anything for the ladies? I’m afraid though that mine would have to say something like YLSD (Yo Lard&*&*$#@$ Stop Drafting). Sweet kit Padraig

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