Sentencing Dr. Thompson: A Call for Letters

Anyone who wishes to voice their opinion regarding the sentencing of Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson has the opportunity to write an e-mail the District Attorney will forward to the judge. Sentencing will take place December 3, 2009, at the Airport Courthouse. Thompson faces a maximum term of 10 years after being convicted of six felonies and one misdemeanor following two attacks on cyclists.

For cyclists, below is a sample letter you can paste into an e-mail. If you believe Dr. Thompson was wrongfully convicted, you are welcome to send an e-mail using the link below, but you’ll have to write your own note.

Be sure to add your name and contact information. There’s not much time on this–send your e-mail by 10:00 p.m. Thursday.

To: The Honorable Judge Millington

Re: Sentencing Dr. Christopher Thomas Thompson


Dear Judge Millington,

I am writing to voice my support for the maximum possible sentence for Dr. Thompson following his conviction for six felonies and one misdemeanor.

I believe Dr. Thompson’s behavior in the events of July 4 and March 11, 2008, have demonstrated him to exhibit a wanton disregard for both the law and civilized society. He has no place on the streets, especially given the escalating nature of his crimes.

As a cyclist who has endured many close calls with cars, I feel a strong connection with Ron Peterson, Christian Stoehr, Patrick Watson and Josh Crosby, the victims of Dr. Thompson’s callous acts. Please send a message to Thompson and to drivers everywhere that malicious acts against cyclists will not be tolerated by the justice system.

Show cyclists that the justice system regards them as citizens with rights.

I implore you to give Dr. Thompson the maximum possible sentence.

Respectfully yours,

E-mail your letter here.

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  2. giel

    Is this really necessary? Don’t you think this guy has already paid his dues? He’s probably losing his medical license and this his company will probably also face some hard times. Add some jail time, sure. But do you really want to totally destroy another person’s life by putting him in jail for 10 years? Aren’t you doing the same he’s been found guilty off by letting his anger get the best of him?

    Mind you, I’m glad he’s convicted and I also think it’s a good message to others treating cyclists like crap. But 10 years in jail? Come on…

    1. Author

      On a personal note, I’m not angry, but I do think a stiff sentence is in order. Ron will never feel his nose again and Christian can no longer hold the cameras that were part of his daily work. What dues did they just pay?

  3. wwb

    To Giel:

    Are you kidding. You must not be a cyclist, because if you are, you would surely realize the potential for very serious injury and even death that car/bike encounters have.
    Dr Thompson showed complete disregard for the LIVES of fellow human beings, using a car as a weapon to injure and cause harm. In the big picture, it matters not that the victims were cyclists, what matters is that this guy was convicted for showing complete and premeditated disregard for human life. Our society should not allow such people to even live. 10 years is a light sentence. He should get life. Or death.

  4. Dave

    Lost the unbiased reporting veil I see.

    He is not a monster but a human being who made some very poor choices. He has been judged and should be sentenced on those poor choices not become a lightening rod for every close encounter we who cycle have with cars.

    1. Author

      Dave: I try not to think of it as a veil. I just try to do the job that is appropriate at the time and do it to the best of my ability. I might be a writer first and a cyclist second or a cyclist first and a writer second, but I’m never not a cyclist. I write to serve the cycling community and I believe this is an important part of that service.

  5. jeff

    Stiffest sentance available must be handed down….. he tried to kill these guys, so I say, f*ck him. Just becasue he was a doctor and will lose his liscence doesn’t mean a thing. If he wasn’t a doctor, would that mean he would have to go to jail? Attempted murder = jail time, end of story

  6. rafaelo

    10 years is what is on the books already as the maximum. That’s not what Padraig set up, that’s the existing law. Giel, it is you who display bias by attempting to negate the maximum sentences for existing laws.

    I can’t see any redeeming action taken by the criminal that should lighten the sentence, quite the contrary. He acted with malice and forethought and was found guilty. What more is there to it really?

    Oh there is one more thing: as a doctor, he’s taken the Hippocratic oath. Perhaps Giel, you should expend your ire in the direction of those who breach that trust rather than attempting to shoot the messenger here.

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