The Return of the Monster Stage Race (Sorta)


Some weeks back I wrote a remembrance of the Killington Stage Race. It was easily the best event in which I ever participated. The officiating was thoroughly professional, the timing quite good (there were always some goofs, but they always sorted them out), the race bible PRO enough to be a keeper (I still have all of mine) but really, it was the course that got you there. Each day’s course was memorable and a showcase of what makes Vermont the jewel of New England. The downtown Rutland criterium remains the most consistently fun race I ever watched. Dick Ring’s crowd primes at the top of the hill eased greenback from wallets faster than charity.

Killington is back.

The organizers are the same people behind the Green Mountain Stage Race and given the longevity of that event, this bodes well for Killington. The Green Mountain Stage Race will remain in its Labor Day Weekend spot and because the annual Fitchburg Stage Race has had a lock on the Fourth of July weekend since before some of us were born, organizers made a thoroughly sound choice: Killington V.2 will occupy Memorial Day Weekend. The format will be three days, featuring a long ITT, a circuit race (likely over the former Sunrise course) and a point-to-point road race.

Here’s to hoping that the event grows and they can bring back elements like Brandon Gap, the downtown Rutland crit and finishes on Killington Access Road. Yeah, that last wasn’t exactly impartial journalism, but this ain’t Time magazine.

For more info, go here.

Image by Jonathan McElvery and was pilfered from the Killington Stage Race site.



  1. Michael

    Brilliant! Seeing the Killington race in person as a teen while on family vacation in Vermont is what got me started with my love for the road!

    So stoked to see this race come back…however one note. With the 2 new Pro Tour events in Canada being held on labour day weekend as of 2010 (this year they are 1 week later due to the MTB World Champs in Mont St-Anne and did not want to steal their thunder – that and Quebec City can only accomodate so many people at once!), what will the organizers do regarding the then conflict with the Green Mountain SR? Different talent pool and different teams, but surely a couple of the GM SR teams would be up for a wildcard entry to one or both of the Pro Tour events.

  2. Chris

    To Michael above, to get inot a Pro Tour race you have to be on a pro continental team so I do not think that GMSR will be impacted at all because the only American based Pro conti team is BMC. So they should be fine.

  3. dew

    Why do race organizers deem it necessary to have a tt, let alone a longish one. I’d love to go back to Vermont for this race but flying with 2 bikes makes it pretty much not possible. Same with Mt. Hood. I’d love to go but won’t because of the tt.

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