My Plan for the Austin LiveStrong Challenge

I will be riding the Austin LiveStrong Challenge and Ride for the Roses this weekend. I talked a little bit about what we’ve accomplished in terms of fundraising yesterday, but I have not yet talked about a very, very important fact about this event:

My sister Kellene will be coming to Austin with me, as my guest.

Yes, the very same Kellene who:

  • Has fallen off a cliff while mountain biking, but who still loves mountain biking.
  • Has perfectly illustrated the difference between how men and women approach mountain biking road trips.
  • Has put her own life on hold I don’t even know how many times to come to my house and take care of me and my family.
  • Is able to persuade me to do anything. Including her famous “jump for the cameraposes. Note that she has the same expression in both these photos: 200910220725.jpg 200910220726.jpg

Kellene, I should add, is a professional photographer for her day job. So photos from the trip are probably going to be a step or twelve above the ones you usually get from me. And also, they’re less likely to be taken with my phone.

I should also point out that of all five of the Nelson kids, Kellene is tied for most outgoing. (I believe I am in fourth place.)

So don’t be too surprised if I bring back a “jump for the camera” photo of Lance and me.

The Ride

My ride plan for the LiveStrong Challenge is really very simple: GO HARD. Yes, I am going to treat it like a Charity Race. If I can bridge up to the Armstrong Group, I will. And I will hang with them until I cannot, after which I will finish the ride as fast as I can.

If you are a fast Team Fatty member, please work with me. Help me get to that front group and hang with them as long as possible.

Then, once I finish the ride, I plan to stick around at the finish line and thank / hang out with Team Fatty members who finish after me (as well as anyone who finishes before I do and is willing to stick around).

I promise I will be very sweaty and stinky.

And grateful.

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