Big Day for Team Fatty

I just sent an email to the winner in the “Win An Ibis, Take It Anywhere You Want, and Ride it With Andy Hampsten, Chuck Ibis and Fatty” contest, and have heard back from the winner: Kyle, of Evergreen, CO. Here’s what he had to say:

I just got into to work through the muck and snow, opened up your blog and read your description of the winner and my heart started pounding.

Wow! I’ve never won anything. Thank You! I was sitting at dinner last night and telling my wife that I felt really confident. I said it was for a good cause and winning wasn’t important so that’s usually when good things happen.

I’m 39 years old and live in Evergreen CO, in the foothills west of Denver. I’m an operations manager for a small steel company in Wheat Ridge in the suburbs of Denver. I’m married and have a 6 year old girl and a new born baby girl (5 weeks tomorrow). My wife and I were born and raised in Pittsburgh and that’s where I started mountain biking in 1993. I bought a Paramount hardtail with my first real paycheck when I got my first real job out of college. So I’m a mountain biker through and through so it will definetly be one of the mountain bikes. (I’m scared of cars so I don’t ride on the road much.)

I’m thinking California for the trip since I’ve never really ridden there ( I rode the Kamakazi trail at Mammoth and then the Flume trail in Tahoe, but that was 15 years ago) and Colorado and Utah are so close that I can ride them anytime. Maybe we can hash out between your guys expertise the benefits of both So Cal and No Cal.

Anyway, I am stoked! I’m looking forward to meeting you.Thanks for letting us all be a part of your journey as it’s affected the way I approach my own life.

Kyle seems like a great guy; I’m excited to meet and ride with him.

So What Have We Accomplished?

With the final LiveStrong Challenge of the year happening this weekend and the last big Team Fatty fundraiser push behind us, now seems like a good moment to consider a few facts about what we’ve accomplished:

  • There are nearly 600 of us. 596 people have joined up to be a part of Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting Like Susan. No LiveStrong Challenge Team has ever had that many team members.
  • We have raised more than 3/4 million dollars. As of the check I just did — which does not count membership fees — we have raised $761,968. No LiveStrong Challenge Team has ever raised that much money. And when you consider the economy we did this in, I think this achievement is doubly huge.
  • We have gotten thousands of people to donate to the fight against cancer. Just looking at the number of people — who aren’t even signed up as part of Team Fatty — who have donated to my LiveStrong Challenge pages is hard to comprehend. Close to 7,000, I believe (which may or may not be a new record; I don’t know). And while I have definitely dangled a lot of carrots as incentives, I don’t believe anyone was making the donation simply because they thought they were going to win something.

And as far as this weekend goes, we’ve done pretty well, award-wise:

  • Austin LiveStrong Challenge Team Messenger Award
  • Austin LiveStrong Challenge Individual Messenger Award
  • Ride for the Roses Team Messenger Award
  • Ride for the Roses Individual Messenger Award
  • Ride for the Roses Team Champion Award

So, um, wow.

Apart from these numbers and awards, though, there’s something Team Fatty has done for me: It’s allowed me to convert something random and evil into something meaningful and good.

So, to everyone at the LAF, to everyone in Team Fatty, and to everyone who ever donated as part of my contests: Thank you.

Seriously, Thanks

I have asked, so many times this year, for people to donate money. And now it’s time, I believe for me to give something away without asking for anything. As a “Thanks for sticking with me through one helluva year” kind of thing.

I don’t know exactly what this is going to take the form of, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be giving away a bike.

And if you’re local (or willing to make the trip), I daresay bratwurst will be involved.

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