Ocean Potion Clear Zinc Oxide


Since writing the post “Lines” the comments I’ve received here on the blog and on rides from friends have led me to write a little something on the zinc oxide I use. It’s a 45spf clear zinc oxide made by skin care company Ocean Potion.

Getting excited about zinc oxide is like getting excited about dishwashing soap. It’s not the stuff itself that is so exciting, but rather the result.

It offers broad spectrum protection for the face and lips, Retinol, blah, blah, blah. I’ve tried everything and it’s the only stuff I use on my face and lips now. I’ve done back-to-back eight-hour days in the Alps without getting tan lines on my forehead (helmet strap lines seem to be unavoidable, though).

I used to buy the stuff for about $8 at one of my local drug stores. Then I discovered it on Amazon for less than half the cost I’d been paying. The container only holds an ounce, but it gets me through a whole season.

I’ll keep trying embrocations, chamois creams and sunscreens in my search for the perfect treatment, but when it comes to my face, I’ve reached true satisfaction with this zinc oxide.


  1. Michael Theesfeld

    Curse the dreaded sun…with twice yearly visits to the dermatologist and far too many mole removals (no positives, thankfully!), I’ve become a bit of an expert in all kinds of skin care. Unfortunately, the head and the face are without a doubt the most difficult to take care of without creating all kinds of problems for the eyes. A lot of caps underneath the helmet, a little less sunscreen directly above the eyes and a lot less hours on the road between the hours of 10-4 (it’s cut down on my “epic” days, but at this point, I want to look forward to a lifetime of 2 hour rides with my wife and kids) Thanks for the tips on zinc oxide…another tool in the arsenal for all of us fair skinned cyclists

  2. Darren

    It’s zinc oxide (“physical” sunscreen) but also has oxybenzone and other stuff (“chemical” sunscreens). I’d be surprised if it doesn’t burn or irritate your eyes at all…or maybe us bald guys have more if it above the eyes to run down when we sweat. Anyhow I’m sure it works great as a sunscreen …but if others trying it have eye burning I’d suggest looking for one with *only* zinc and/or titanium as active ingredients. Chemical sunscreens are very effective and probably stay on longer…but I can’t tolerate them running into my eyes. I guess this is like saddles…everyone has to find something that works for them.

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