Interbike: Day 2


Day two of the Interbike show was a mad dash from one appointment to the next. Unfortunately, some of the coolest things I saw, including a new power meter that measures torque at the pedals, were in display cases that didn’t permit acceptable photography. There were plenty of autograph signings, lots of beer being served and wrenches trying to score schwag, but the one thing retailers told me over and over was that they weren’t placing orders. They had already placed their preseason orders or they were waiting to see how things would shake out with the economy in general and their business in specific.

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  1. brett

    Tried one of those ProLight helmets on the other day… our rep brought one in.

    No carbon or reinforced skeleton to keep the weight down. And the safety/durability.

    Giro has done the impossible; made a $400 helmet fit and look like a $60 one.

  2. blackocks

    Some facts re: Prolight helmet.

    MSRP is $200 in the US.

    As far as safety and durability, the Prolight meets CPSC mandated standards, just like every other helmet sold in the U.S.

  3. christian

    Yes, but the government also says that my water in the tap here in LA is “safe”. I think my helmet, being non-rotating mass, can be a few grams heavier than say my crankset. Just my 2 cents, but more common cents?

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