‘Cross Season


No matter where you live, the summer heat has broken. Maybe there’s even a bit of a nip in the air. It can only mean one thing:

‘Cross season is here.

Of all the brands out there, one of my absolute favorites is Richard Sachs. Yes, he’s an advertiser. Yes, he’s a friend. End of full disclosure. Regardless, Richard is a go-fast guy who has fun with his “brand.”

Frankly, I think most frame builders and even a great many bike companies could use Sachs as an object lesson in how to brand. This new T-shirt embodies everything I dig about the guy: It is irreverent, stylish and passionate, not to mention strictly insider. It also captures the basic zeitgeist of ‘cross racers.

There’s not much to review in a T-shirt. Either it says something you want the world to know … or not.

If you want to follow Richard’s team’s exploits on knobby tires, click here.

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  1. Dan O

    Cool shirt. I finally witnessed Richard’s bikes for real at the Portland show a few years ago. Super nice. At this point, he’s the godfather of U.S. custom frame building.

    I did my first ‘cross race ever two weeks ago. At 48 years old, I guess it’s never too late.

    It was awesome – I’ll be back for more.

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