Le Grand Bornand Photo Gallery

Tour de France 2009 stg Grand Bornand

Perhaps no other stage in the 2009 Tour de France was as pivotal as Stage 17 to le Grand Bornand. It’s easy to argue who was right or wrong, depending on your view of the tactics employed, but there’s little doubt that it was a dramatic stage. John Pierce has compiled an impressive and illuminating set of images from the day. Here they are in chronological order.

Images: John Pierce, Photosport International

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  1. David

    I’m confused, how can these fifteen photos, six of which are of Armstrong be considered illuminating? He looks rather punched, is that the illuminating part? We don’t even catch a glimpse of who he is really chasing, just two photos of Armstrong whining at the end of the stage.

  2. Lachlan

    Even if there is a heavy dose of Lance in here, I would say this set gives a way better than average impression of the effort being made and the view of riders faces (even on occasion the eyes… something the photographers are always blaming Lemond/Hinualt/Hampsten/Oakley et al for robbing us of since shades came in the mid 1980’s)

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