Alberto Contador: Annecy TT Photo Gallery


In the time since the Tour de France finished in Paris, images have been pouring in from John Pierce of Photosport International. While I’ve said what I have to say about this year’s Tour, most of Pierce’s Wal-Mart collection of photos have yet to see the light of day. The images have literally been coming in faster than I can file them. I’ll do a couple of these. 

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    1. Author

      Thanks for sharing the shot Brendan.

      Bret: There have been accusations that motos helped him, but no one has come forward to assert which motos and where on the course. Given his speed in the prologue and his strength in the TTT, one should not have been surprised by his incredible performance in Annecy.

  1. Jonathan

    Did anyone else think that with the clenched teeth grimace and helmet he looks a bit like an “Alien” as in from the movie series?

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