Next Time, I Swear

A Note from Fatty: Susan continues to have some lucid periods, followed by some very scary and difficult times. We’ve adjusted her meds, however, so that things are generally better: when she’s lucid we can enjoy it, and when she’s not I have tools at my disposal to help her be calm, or if necessary, to sleep. Her circumstances haven’t really changed, but we’re adapting and making them as easy as possible for her and the kids.

I’ve talked about Tibble Fork before. It’s my favorite trail in the world. Lots of good memories associated with it, and it’s where I first learned to hate — then eventually love — climbing.

But I didn’t have video of it.

So, knowing a small group of us were going to ride it this morning, yesterday afternoon I put fresh batteries in the helmetcam and tested them to make sure they worked. They did.

Then, this morning, I made sure I took the lens cap off. Because, you see, I am becoming very smart about using my helmetcam.

I put the helmet on, then turned the helmetcam on.

Or, more precisely, I pressed the “On” switch for the helmetcam, after which nothing happened.

No, that’s not precise enough. Something did happen. Immediately upon pressing the “On” switch, I realized that after turning on the helmetcam yesterday to make sure the new batteries were good, I…left it on.

Which means that I still do not have any video of my favorite trail in the world. Which is too bad, because it was a really great ride. Great trail, beautiful views, terrific friends. It — I know I have said this an embarrassing number of times now — would have made a very good video.

Next time, I swear.

Meanwhile, here’s the group photo Dug took at the bottom of the trail for his writeup of the ride.


You know why I look so happy?  Because I’ve just done 2500 feet of descending. And because I am enjoying my personal space.

Oh, and also because I have enormous quads.

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