Mr. Grumpy Legs

200904290724.jpgA Note from Fatty: Tomorrow is the last day you can register for the 100 Miles of Nowhere. Remember, in addition to all the cool stuff you get, you’re also helping Team Fatty help the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF) fight cancer: $50 of your $75 registration goes to the LAF. Men, sign up here. Women, sign up here.

And also, you’ll be able to tell people you participated in the most ridiculous, far-ranging race that has ever existed. I’m also pretty sure we’ll also be able to claim it simultaneously covered more ground and less ground than any other race in history (i.e., it will occur in hundreds of places, but go literally nowhere).

By the way, so far 168 men and 58 women (226 people altogether) have signed up, which means that so far the 100 Miles of Nowhere has raised $11,300 for the LAF. Thanks to everyone who has signed up!

Another Note from Fatty: Some of you were wondering if you can buy extra t-shirts for your crews. First of all, I think it’s awesomely bizarre that some of you are planning to have crews. Second of all, once registration is over, Twin Six is going to make the t-shirt available as a separate item to order. I’ll post a link as soon as there is one!

Yet Another Note from Fatty: At long last, we can declare a winner of the Meet Bike Snob NYC contest! Brad W of Virginia called from Alcatraz (yes, really) to accept the prize. Congratulations, Brad!

Mr. Grumpy Legs

Thanks to a hectic work and life schedule, I haven’t been able to ride my bike at all this week, and I won’t be able to today, either.

This has brought on a peculiar sensation, and I’m curious if anyone else has noticed the same thing happening to them when they go cold turkey off the bike for a few days.

Specifically, my legs have become grumpy. Irritable. Restless.

This is not just a mental thing. I swear. It’s physical. Last night, I was sitting with one of the twins during her 1:1 reading time and my legs — specifically, my quads — were driving me nuts. They literally ached for me to get off the couch and stretch them (I made do by doing constant leg lifts and flexes while sitting on the couch).

Really, the symptoms are pretty similar to how they describe Restless Legs Syndrome, except I already know my cure: go get out on a ride. And as a bonus, this cure doesn’t turn me into a compulsive gambler.

Which is something, I suppose.

Still, I am going to be in an all-day meeting today, where doing constant leg lifts would surely go noticed. Which means that the only way I’m going to be able to stave off my Grumpy Legs Syndrome will be to stand up on a frequent basis and run around the conference table to the whiteboard (I’ll take the long way around) and then make an emphatic and energetic point.

Preferably, one that requires me to jump up and down and perhaps do some squat-thrusts.

So, my question: when you have to go cold turkey off the bike for more than a couple days, do you get the same effect?

Because if I’m the first one to identify an actual, verifiable syndrome here, I totally want it named after me.

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