Paul, my mom’s husband, passed away today. He was at home and with the people he loved most.

He was a tough guy, he was a smart guy, and he was a good guy. Even though he’s been sick for quite some time, he often insisted that he was fine and could take care of himself for a few days so my mom could come help me out here.

And just a couple weeks ago he told me, with some urgency, that it was very important that I remember to keep getting out on my bike and staying balanced, so I’d be able to take care of my family. It’s good advice.

Paul was 82, and had successfully battled more recurrences of skin cancer than I think even he could count. Like I said, he was a tough guy.

Most importantly, Paul and my mom had a good, happy marriage.

Like a lot of people, I’m going to miss Paul. And like a lot of people, I admire him for what he did and who he was.

PS: Jodi’s got more to say over at her blog.

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