This Is, Quite Clearly, a Reasonable and Legitimate Business Expense

As an Award-Winning blogger (2008 Bloggie: Very Best and Most Incredibly Handsome Sports Blogger Who Has Ever Lived), I make a lot of money with my blog. For example, I just bought a the house next door, using nothing but what happened to be in my wallet. I plan to tear it (the house, not my wallet) down and in its place erect a large statue of myself, standing in a heroic pose and gazing with steely resolve into the future.

As another example, when I go to lunch with coworkers, I often pay, even though it’s not my turn.

As a third example, I paid for Rock Racing’s UCI license last week. I did it anonymously, though, because I don’t need any more public adulation than I already routinely receive.

To recap: I make a lot of money with my blog.

Since my blog is such a big cash cow, I have begun to think about tax implications. While there is practically no way I could ever spend as much money as I make, I know — as a financially savvy and almost ridiculously successful blogger — that I need to at least try to spend some of the money — a trifling amount, really — I earn on bike- and blog-related items.

You know, for tax reasons.

And that is one of the primary reasons I just acquired (we very wealthy bloggers don’t “buy.” We “acquire.”) a V.I.O. POV.1 Digital helmetcam.

200901202323.jpgAlso, I Needed It For Very Unselfish Reasons

In addition to my legitimate — and, let’s face it, quite essential — tax reasons for purchasing this helmetcam, I needed to purchase this because I feel I have an obligation to you, the reader, to provide high-quality entertainment in as many different media as possible.

I know that my readers are both discerning and demanding, and want — no, make that demand — to have video supplementing my text and photos.

So while I personally would be perfectly happy to never purchase another gadget in my life, I felt like I had to buy this helmetcam in order to satisfy the demands of a crowded and competitive market.

Also, I did not want to let you — the reader — down. Because I am very unselfish.

As For Myself, I am Indifferent

The one thing I will say about this helmetcam is that I’m not at all giddy and goofy about the possibilities it’s going to bring to my rides this year. For example, none of the following thoughts have given me a moment’s pleasure:

  • I’ll be able to get good clean video of Leadville 100 highlights
  • I’ll record the entirety of riding a Super Tibble loop to show everyone what the best trail in the world looks like
  • I’ll most likely be able to document at least one instance of me separating my shoulder
  • I’ll be able to record the half-dirt / half-road awesomeness that is my commute, thereby making you outrageously jealous

So — against my own wishes, frankly — yesterday I put the camera on my road bike, mounted on the handlebars for the ride up, then facing back from the seatpost for the downhill.

Here’s the highlight reel of my first outing with the camera:

I can see that I’ve got a lot to learn: where to best mount the camera for a good shot, what happens when I set the camera up so that my leg hits the lens every turn of the crank, why it’s a bad idea to spit when you’re filming, the proper resolutions to film and convert and upload.

Things like that.

Which, I would like to point out, I am only learning because I am a very unselfish (albeit wealthy) blogger. And not because I’m a goofy gadget geek who has impulse control issues.

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