Merry Christmas

Today I need to wrap presents, stuff stockings, buy groceries, and prepare the Christmas dinner. All in addition to my normal caretaking responsibilities: feed the family, clean the house, take care of Susan.

Amazingly, I am not even mildly freaked out. I can do this. My new superpower — my most practical one, by a mile — is to take care of my family and manage the house. Today will be easy and fun, with plenty of time left over for watching both Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and A Christmas Story.

OK, that’s not precisely true. I am actually pretty freaked out about the present-wrapping part. See, as a teenager Susan worked at a Hallmark store, where she learned to wrap presents with a precision and perfection that has left more than one person unwilling to unwrap a gift, saying it would be destroying art. I, on the other hand, went to a store last night and bought a whole bunch of those “gift wrap bags,” where you put the present in the bag and then stuff some tissue paper in it above the present to obscure what it is. I assert that this allows us to recycle the gift wrap, and is therefore the environmentally responsible thing to do. Also, I’m much less likely to give myself a nasty paper cut.

Oh, and also I do not have any idea where the kids’ stockings are. So there’s some fairly serious garage rummaging in my immediate future.

Christmas has always been Susan’s favorite holiday. I’m going to do what I can to make this one really, really good for her.

And I hope yours is really, really good too.

PS: I’ll resume posting new stuff January 5. I might move some stuff over from my old MSN Spaces archive between now and then, so if you didn’t read my blog when I first started, you can pretend I’m posting new stuff. Although that would be kind of weird of you.

PPS: Or I might not do anything at all between now and then. Hard to say, to tell the truth.

PPPS: Regardless, have a great new year, too.

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