Let's Break Some Records

Here are some interesting facts for you:

  1. Team Dell — you know, the computer guys — had the largest LiveStrong Challenge team ever last year, with more than 260 people in it.
  2. Team Toi raised the most money ever, raising over $350,000 for the LiveStrong Challenge.

Here are my thoughts on both of these records: Pffff.

Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan

For 2009, I am going to form Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan for the LiveStrong Challenge, and I want you to join me. If you’re willing to put in some work, together our neighborhood will not simply break these records; we will crush them.

No, we will demolish them.

And humiliate them, just for fun.

Oh, and by the way, by either joining the team or contributing to the team — your choice — you will automatically be entering yourself in raffles to win prizes that will make your head spin.

Let’s Talk About The Prizes A Little Bit

I love to give stuff away; that’s one of the things I like best about my blog. And as part of this LiveStrong Challenge, I have asked my friends in the industry to donate some cool stuff to raffle off to those who donate.

And they have come through in spades.

Here are just a few of the things you can look forward to. I’m being vague here about brands and so forth until I have things nailed down, but the truth is, the odds are good that there will be more — not less — than what I’m talking about.

  • An ultra-high-end 29″ single speed mountain bike. And by ultra-high-end, I mean ultra-ultra-high end.
  • An ultra-high-end road bike. By which I mean, ultra-ultra-ultra high end.
  • A bombproof, light wheelset for mountain biking
  • A featherweight wheelset for road biking
  • A ridiculously high-end road group — one of the first of its kind available, in fact.
  • A top of the top-end MTB group
  • A full-service mountain MTB vacation with a top-notch touring outfit
  • A beautiful and functional commuter bike.
  • Be the first person alive to ever meet, ride with, and learn the identity of Bike Snob NYC. Yes, really. But you can’t photograph him or tell anyone else who he is. Or you’ll be sorry.
  • Bike Clothes, Components, and Gear Galore.

And there are more prizes I haven’t mentioned here because I’m not perfectly confident they’ll come through. But I will say this: I am amazed at how many generous people there are in the bike industry, and am incredibly impressed at how badly they want to fight cancer.

The short version: if you’re willing to donate some time and / or money, you’re going to help me create an incredible legacy for Susan, and you might win some cool stuff. Really, really cool stuff.

How It’s Going to Work

I love competition, and I love silliness. So we’re going to have fun making a huge impact and raising money.

Here’s what we’re going to do.

  1. On December 1 — the first day it’s allowed — of this year, I’ll be creating Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting for Susan.
  2. Anytime on that day or after, you can join the team, which will give you your very own fundraising page. It costs $50 to register. That’s your entry fee to be able to participate in the event.
  3. Start bugging your friends and family to donate to your fundraising page.
  4. I will start holding raffles on a frequent basis. Sometimes, anyone who wants to donate will be included in the raffles, sometimes the raffles will only be available to team members.
  5. Sometimes, I’ll give prizes to people who are kicking butt at fundraising. The prizes will not be trivial. At all.

This may sound crazy, but I really believe it’s possible: If 500 of us join this team, and then we each raise $1000 — an easily attainable sum — we’ll shatter the previous team fundraising records with half a million dollars.

If, on the other hand, we all kick butt and each raise $2000, we’ll astound the world by having raised a million dollars together.

And I love the idea of telling Susan that 500 of her friends got together and raised a million bucks to fight cancer in her honor.

What You Should Do Right Now

Actually, there’s not too much you need to do just yet. I can’t form Team Fat Cyclist: Fighting For Susan until the beginning of next month.

But there are a few things you can do. Most of them are easy.

  1. Decide you’re going to join. You’ll be part of something big, and worthwhile, and hopefully record-breaking. Start saving up your $50 membership fee, and some extra to donate for your own page, so you’ll have a good chance of winning one of the prizes.
  2. Start making a list of who you can ask to donate. There will be some giveaways where team members who have earned the most will get prizes.
  3. If you’re in the bike — or a related — industry and want to be a part of this, you can. Think about what you’d like to donate, and then email me. I will give you the recognition you deserve, and you’ll have done something awesome. If you need to convince the higher-ups at your company that you’re reaching a sizeable audience, let them know that Fat Cyclist averages 60,000+ unique visitors, 250,000 visits, and 640,000 pageviews per month. Which is quite a few.
  4. Tell other cycling friends they need to join. Last year the team competition was dominated by a computer company (Dell) and a fashion designer (Toi). Seriously, that’s just sad. It’s like having Richard Simmons beat you up for your lunch money.

In the next few weeks, I’ll be revealing more about what the contests will be like, what you’ll be able to win, and some more surprises.

For now, I’m just excited to be doing something positive, and am looking forward to having you be a big part of it.

We’re going to kick butt.

PS: Big thanks to Mike Roadie for emailing me with the suggestion of doing a Team Fatty this year. I’ll be relying on him for a lot of the logistics and whatnot, since he clearly knows his way around his program.

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